The Friday Follow-up

Hey, look at that, it’s Friday, which means there’s only a few more hours until the weekend.  So to kick off today I’ve got a scar I found digging around in the archives that never ended up being featured.  And since there’s been a lack of Aussie gingers on ModBlog, what better time to feature something from Mr. Australia himself, Wayde Dunn.

Unfortunately I don’t have a timeframe for this scar.  All I can say is that the photos, including the healed one, were all submitted last May.  Wayde is also being credited for doing the work while he was at Infinite Body Piercing in Philadelphia.  Given the coloration of the healed scar, I’d hazard a guess to say these photos were taken at least a year apart.

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Admire the View

The last time we saw Jusn, he was bonding with his pops over big stretched piercings, real or otherwise. Before that, though, we featured him immediately following a scarification collaboration by Ron Garza and Wayde Dunn based on a Garuda mask Ron saw while in Indonesia. This is that cutting, two-and-a-half years later and just a little sunburned, but it’s a fine example of how a particularly intricate cutting can fare several years down the line.