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The last time we saw Jusn, he was bonding with his pops over big stretched piercings, real or otherwise. Before that, though, we featured him immediately following a scarification collaboration by Ron Garza and Wayde Dunn based on a Garuda mask Ron saw while in Indonesia. This is that cutting, two-and-a-half years later and just a little sunburned, but it’s a fine example of how a particularly intricate cutting can fare several years down the line.

15 thoughts on “Admire the View

  1. This was a very nice piece when freshly done.
    Amazingly intricate. Ron is very talented, dedicated, and skilled.
    However, so many Euro-Caucasians scar poorly.
    When first done this design was mind blowing.
    Now it’s just sort of, ehhh. Would have been richer and more dynamic as a tattoo, maybe with red or brown ink even.
    Do not confuse my opinion as criticizing Ron. Ron is the shit.
    It’s just that some folks don’t scar very well.
    A piece like this costs a lot of money and requires a lot of endurance and proper aftercare.
    Though the wearer no doubt loves this piece, as he should, I can’t help but feel a twitch of disappointment in the final result.
    And the design is likely to become even more vague over time.

  2. my chest is like that, its much more noticeable in person than in picture(actually the only way i can get it to show in a picture is if i am suburned). im assuming for jusn its the same?

  3. id have to say id agree that based on the image, I would have personally opted for a tattoo so as to leave a more bolder image. but obviously he wanted a scar piece and this one is very beautiful and amazingly healed well 🙂

  4. @3

    Agreed, I have looked through pics of both of the artists work and it’s amazing. I would have had this done as a tattoo, the intricate line work would have stood out so much more if it was done with a super deep red almost brown ink. It still looks fantastic, but comparing it to the image of when it was fresh, damn that was nice looking. Having said all of that I would still be so super happy to have this piece on me

  5. Mmm, look at that sexy body. And yes, I can also testify that there’s so much detail about Justin’s back that you can see in person, but most pictures just don’t seem to give them justice.

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