Untying the Bundle

Jusn‘s dad, not keen to be outdone by Bill and his pops, underwent some rather intense scalpelling in order to match his son’s stretched piercings, and appears to be wearing jewelry made of … cotton? Wait, none of this adds up!

65 thoughts on “Untying the Bundle

  1. Wow, the resemblance between them is really striking! (not including the cotton jewelry, hehe!)

    This made me smile.

  2. If I looked exactly like my father, I’d have radical facial mods too. I hope he wore gloves before applying those cotton pad thingys.

  3. I saw this pic on his iam page and before I took a closer look at it I thought that his dad actually had those! At the very least, its great to see parents be supportive of mods

  4. hahaha this makes me laugh less because his dad has glued things to his face, but much more so because of the face his father is making that implies his father thinks he’s a foppish dandy. Look at him bat his eyes just like Justin. I see where Justin gets his sense of humour from, and why Evan is so in love with him.

  5. if only my dad was supportive of my piercings. he has his nipples done and when i got mine done as a fathers day present he called me a fucking idiot and walked away. thanks dad.

  6. its been over a year and a half since my lobes have been streched and my dad still bitches and moans about it so it was stifiling to see this.at first i wasnt sure if it was sure he was making fun of his son or just being playful.i think its cute and nice.im sorry that happened to you noah i think we’ve all had moments like that with our parents but thats whats bme is for to share our expierences good and bad out.

  7. My dad is so much fun! You know those things you stick on the bottom of chairs so they don’t scratch the floor? That’s what he’s wearing. He’s great.

  8. That is so cute! And Noah M., my Dad had almost the exact same reaction to my first tatt when I was 19 or so (mind you I’d had it for bout a year before the parentals found out). Mind you his tatts are visible and my first was very covered!

  9. I don’t know why, but dad’s looks fake.

    maybe it’s just because his bottom lip doesn’t have an arch like I’ve seen with large gauge labrets. :shrug:

  10. this reminds me of the girl with the maori facial tats and the bro that scribbled on himself with a sharpie i went looking for it but couldent find it

  11. Im glad to see this generation growing and being accepted. I talked to my mother not to long ago and she told me about how awesome she thinks it is now, and that she was sorry for ever doubting it.

  12. Such a cute picture!
    They look so alike both adorable.
    Little ray of sunshine for my boring day in.

  13. i saw this picture on his iam a few days ago and i laughed so much.
    it’s such a cute picture, and it’s really awesome that his dad doesn’t even care. :)

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  15. Hey wait a minute, your ass just sneezed! And horses can’t talk!…. no, no this doesn’t make any sense at all!

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  17. This really made me smile. I wish my dad was cool like this. My dad hates my mods, with a passion. :|

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