BME Travel Files

One of the coolest things about running BME is getting to meet people from all over the world… and one of the amazing things has been seeing how even though we come from different cultures and histories and speak different languages, we respond to body modification, body art, and body rituals in the same way, and it becomes a really obvious example of humans being the same all over the world.

Today let’s start with a photo via the West Coast of Canada where I’m originally from:

Next we’ll shoot over to Star Studio in Bali. These photos are of MrJaxon, Albar, the boss, the tattooist, and a mystery person… There’s more on his page if you’re interested.

Staying in Asai, we’ll move up to Qingdao, China. I’d be surprised if this is entirely legal there?

How about something closer to home like the shores of France?

Or maybe you prefer Brasil?

Speaking of travel, apparently Pingy travels by RyanAir, and has previously been to Pottstown, PA.

Becky on the other hand isn’t going anywhere:

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