Personally I prefer just doing the math.

First, let me show you how they test their suspension rigs in Australia. This is care of Piercing Pete at The Piercing Urge in Melbourne (as a point of trivia, one of the older shops around, having opened in 1991). It’s a hardwood rig by the way, which presents some contamination worries (many groups are slowly shifting over to autoclavable rigs), but certainly isn’t lacking in the strength department.

In Britain however, even though they’re the punitive parents of Australia, they do things a little differently due to being corrupted by demons from the North. These photos, care of Al Overdrive, give you a sneak peak at how the Psycho Cyborgs test their gear.

19 thoughts on “Personally I prefer just doing the math.

  1. I find this one cruel.Humans can say whether they want this done or not but non humans have no say here.I am very upset with this picture.Did you really have to post this?

  2. This is not cool, AT ALL.
    Animals are defenceless, if you were peiced and hung
    up by them with out ur permision, not only would it hurt
    more because ur scared, you’d kick who evers ass did it to you.
    That little guy cant even fight back.
    evil and sadistic are words that come to mind that
    just dont quite cover how i feel about this pic.
    I hope ur site doesnt promote animal cruelty….

  3. That’s a stuffed animal. Good grief. Try reading and looking at the pics before you just spout off and make youselves look dumb.

    P.S. “ur” isn’t a word.

  4. “if that a real animal you should go to jail
    fucking crackhead!”

    and my i add… i hate you so bad!!!!!!!!

  5. So if you posted a picture of a plant being suspended, would all the carnivores cry about how plants are defenseless and can’t speak up for themselves? Stupid fucking vegans. Everything is fine in moderation.

  6. Doh that last comment made me alittle Dizzy .Lol moderation for some is extreme for others so Dizzy Chair Time lets say we grabbed maybe ur mom, or grandmother or maybe u have an infant child and dragged them out of bed in the middle of the night striped thier clothese off and just hung them from some hooks for a couple of hours then it’d be cool and in moderation? Lol stupid punk bitch mother fucker one day u’ll see the light until then. ~OM~ Lol Dizzy chair time ur music on ur myspace account blows,,but maybe thats the sound you are shooting for then cool job well done signed stuffed g.Pig

  7. I’m a vegetarian.
    ..and I have no problem with the picture?
    Because I pay enough attention to detail, et cetera, to notice that the animal is -stuffed-.
    Some people look for an excuse to cause a riot about anything.

    Oh, well.

    As far as the suspensions go..neat? I don’t know. I prefer simple, artistic displays.:)
    I suppose it can all be artistic, in some form, in someone’s opinion.

  8. your fuckin nasty wtf is wrong with you? why the fuck would u post a fuckin animal like that?

  9. Hey this is sick stuffed animals cant defend themselves and that poor bike i bet he doesnt like it!!!!

  10. you guys are terrible. what if the fluff falls out? and the bike! the oil might leak!!!!

    self centered bastards 😛

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