Bariloche Travel Photos

When I got these pictures from hETA* in Argentina, they were not initially labeled with a location so I wasn’t a hundred percent sure where they were from. I actually thought they might have been taken in Western Canada. Turns out they’re from Bariloche, a beautiful part of Patagonia… I keep meaning to go down to the Patagonia Tattoo Convention, but haven’t made it yet…

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    Posted on 03-04-2006 11:41:06 by bodah
    She is gorgeous. Probably the most beautiful woman I have seen you post on here. And shocking, shes not even naked.

    Posted on 03-04-2006 12:49:18 by glider
    Argentina (and much of South America) has an excess of beautiful people it seems!

    Posted on 03-04-2006 14:21:41 by bodah
    Well I can’t really comment on that as I have never been there, but if more of them have features like that woman, I think I should get my butt down there and take a peek.

    Posted on 03-05-2006 09:27:06 by southamericangirl
    good things here at south

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