Damn, those are big implants!

I recently showed you Andyroo‘s awesome blackwork gun tattoo. You may have noticed the picture of him suspending up above (as in the title bar of ModBlog, at least as I write this)… Anyway, I thought I should share that picture at high resolution too so you can check out the implants (and his funny chestpiece — he is, I kid you not, a Christian pirate).

8 thoughts on “Damn, those are big implants!

  1. Those are some big implants! Presume he started off smaller and worked his way up, or were they put straight in? Really cool all the same though.

  2. Andyroo is one of the coolest individuals. Truly dynamic and even sweet.

  3. i went from nothing straight to it. it hurt. but they’re awesome. i’ve had them for just over a year now

  4. Hey Andy exactly how big are those implants? they look like an inch and a half or something close to that, they look nothing short of amazing. quick question though, are they silicon or are they teflon? Are they full domes? By the looks of it, it seems that they might have been flattened on the bottom, and shit if they weren’t, have you sensed or felt any muscle degradation, or now that they are well into healing do you feel any pressure behind the implant ? lol they are so extreme i love them! i was thinking about getting 3/4″ teflon domes going down my sternum and i want the same effect that your arm has… basically.


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