Female Vacuum Pumping

For those of you who have been wondering what effect it has (and don’t spend enough time on BME/extreme and BME/HARD)…

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28 thoughts on “Female Vacuum Pumping

  1. The picture on the right kind of looks like raw chicken to me (the bottom half of the pic, anyway)…

  2. i’m not really sure the point of this… or if there even is one… i’m gonna cut my dick off and stitch it to my cat’s forehead… why not right?

  3. ouch!my i hurt just looking at that

    …well,as long as she enjoys it…more power to her

  4. I think it’s great that she can do this and be accepted by herself and the body modification community.

    and though I don’t like the way it looks, it doesn’t matter… because she didn’t do that for me (or anyone else who comments) to see.

    anyway I just think it’s cool. and I’m curious as to whether or not it is painful.

  5. I guess I’m one of the few people that think that second picture is one of the hottest pictures ever. Pure beauty.

  6. I think it’s sexy to be liberated with your’ body, no matter what your kink is. I was a little shocked at all the negitive poast.

  7. Seconding what John (#10) said. It’s not my thing at all but if it’s hers, all power to her to enjoy it.

  8. I think people are not understanding that this is a temporary sex act that for some people makes that night a whole lot more fun… and some people don’t like the idea that different people enjoy different kinds of fun.

  9. I dont think there is any thing wrong with it at all. And reading the comments, i dont think anyone said something “negitive” about it either.

  10. Looks painful.

    It could be interesting to try.
    Not sure I would do it but she’s got courage to do it!

    Go her!

  11. i can’t believe that on a BME website that people are looking at these pictures and saying things like “looks painful” and “that looks like it hurts”. duh

  12. I work at an animal hospital and have seen similar results when female dogs try to give birth to pups that are too large for the birth canal. It’s called prolapsed uterus when the insides literally turn inside-out. NOT healthy since bacteria & infection can get to areas otherwise unavailable to the outside world. Hope she washed really well before things returned back to normal!

  13. … I’m boggled.

    First off … Vacuum… pump …. painful?

    How do people come to that conclusion?

    All it is … is blood rushing to the top of the skin …

    which is the kind of reaction you get … when you suck on .. ANYTHING … for any amount of time.

    I suppose if you suck HARD enough it may hurt .. but … to compare it to cutting off one’s own genitalia …? … really … just how?

    And those saying – ‘ It’s on BME – of course it’s gonna hurt! ‘ …. yeah …. yeah except .. ya know … not necessarily …

    Overall … It increases sensitivity … as do most things when sucked on for extended periods of time. It’s actually quite lovely … and I shocked more people don’t do it.

    To each their own I guess.

  14. actually this is my bird! stumbled upon the pics whilst surfing and could not mistake them! For all those of you who are having a moan. It doesn’t hurt doesn’t cause any damage and well actually they feel amazing! She loves doing it and well I am just one lucky boy!!

  15. I discovered female pumping a year ago and i have to say I’m hooked, the results are not long term , there are no negative side effects and the sencitivity/sensation is out of this world . T o any naysayers of the practice i say ” don’t knock it till you’ve tried it” and to each his(or her) own. Oh and one more thing , it can also , all be it temporary, make you “snugger”.

  16. That has got to be the hottest thing I’ve seen in awhile! All I want to know is, where can I find more pics like this. I’m not talking about the ones with little pumps barely on anything with results nothing like this. I mean I think this is extreme and that’s hard to cum by…. any thoughts?

  17. Ladies and gents…
    I hav to comment on this aswell and can assure u that, using the female suction pump is AWESOME!! However, the lady above had her’s… Overdone and it looks indeed very sore and NOT sexy… If used correctly… very very sexy and yummy!!

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