36 thoughts on “Good choice for a first tattoo!

  1. that right there is all types of dope! very beautiful, looks like a painting

  2. haha, im still in the planning stages of my first tattoo but its big and takes up a lot of my back as well.

    however, this is one gorgeous tattoo!

  3. Now this is too gorgeous for words. With nature my favourite subject and green my favourite colour (especially that damn vibrant!) this is a standout piece to me.

    I can’t stop staring at it, bet it looks even better in person too.

  4. Thats brilliant. Smaller tattoos are the ones people regret most often anyway if you ask me. Congratulations.

  5. I look through ModBlog most days. Any time my flatmate is present, he invariably comments with ‘I’d kill him…and her…yup, dead…dead…dead’ etc. Even stunning combinations of naked female flesh and perfectly executed tattoos like this fail to change his mind! Some people have no taste.

  6. I’d be more concerned that he was a sociopath than that he had bad taste in tattoos.

  7. The orchid flowers don’t really look right with the leaves (in my opinion) but it’s a still a great tattoo; very well done, the colours are vibrant

  8. Nah, he just hates the whole cuture. One of the ‘why would anyone do that to themselves’ crew. Although he has said he would get a Metallica tattoo.

  9. I think the vast majority of the not-yet-modded community has no idea that tattoos can look this beautiful (even by “conventional standards” if you’ll excuse a fairly meaningless statement). As much as I love nice bold neo-trad work or graffitti influenced new school stuff, I love that tattoos can look this “classy.”

  10. Ashplant.. your “flatmate” reminds me alot of a guy I know, he acts very immaturely and violently as soon as he sees something either shocks him, or make him jealous that he can’t be as good as they are, or as interesting as they are. He’ll often say how he’s killed people (he’s in the army) and the rush of shooting and gun and that basically he’s “all that” because he’s in the military.

    All that shows to me is a painfully insecure individual. People like your flatmate need psychological help, BAD. Its not even normal to be so linguistically violent towards people he doesn’t know. I don’t know how you can stand living with someone like that.

  11. I normally don’t comment these, but all I can say is DAMN! I’m planning a floral tattoo of my own, hopefully it’ll turn out as vibrant as this one.

  12. I’m already gearing up to have my floral work started and this is really breathtaking. I’m fair skinned so I’ve been studying who has life like floral designs on skin to see what is possible. This is simply one gorgeous way to do floral work.

  13. Thanks Shannon & everyone else for all the great feedback! This is the largest single tattoo I’ve done, and a first tattoo at that!

  14. That is very nice. Really looks like it’s popping off the skin. I don’t see redness, so I assume it’s healed in this picture.

    My first (and as of yet still only and still sorta in progress) was only as big as my thigh… still bigger than the original plan years ago.

  15. he doesnt like tattoos, but he’d be stupid enough to get a METALLICA tattoo? wtf. thats the dumbest thing i’ve ever heard. anyone who would consider putting a bands name on themselves before something beautiful (like this picture) is slightly wrong in the head.

  16. Absolutely beautiful. I’m thinking of getting an orchid tattoo and I just love yours. The colors are brilliant and very well detailed.

  17. A wonderful piece of work. Colour and details are excellent. Love the design and it’s placement as well. A work of art that will be treasured forever I am sure.

  18. i went big for my first (and so far only) tattoo, as well, except mine is on the front. i’d love a sort of backpiece some day. her tattoo is quite beautiful!

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