Tina at the Beach

Earlier this month I showed you Tina‘s new Romeo and Juliet sleeve, so I couldn’t resist sharing these great beach shots of her by AnGeLinPayN on Australia’s Gold Coast (Brisbane).

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48 thoughts on “Tina at the Beach

  1. i think someones got a crush…woot

    shannon and tina sitting in a tree……

    im pretty sure there are other girls on bme than tina..

  2. yeah i would have to agree, modblog is getting boring cause of it, there are heaps of interesting people so lets see them.

  3. Here’s how it works: People submit photos to BME, Phil pulls out the best ones, and I post the best of those here. If there are heaps of interesting people, encourage them to start submitting photos and they’ll get posted too.

  4. Nice photos, and Great to see some Aussies Getting up on BME, But one problem……The gold coast is about an hour away by highway from Brisbane…..Its a completely seperate city.

  5. Hahahha.. I Rock… Thanks Shannon for another feature :)

    And I think Basil and his owner are a tad jealous.. haha..

  6. im not jealous just would like to see different people get featured and not just tina…

  7. so me being featured on modblog twice is me being always featured.. fair enough.. someone needs to go back to school.. from my calcualtions modblog has 3056 entries and i’m featured on 2 and mentioned in another one about being a BMEgirl..

    I don’t mind, I love being on BME/IAM.. Proud to be apart of a community that prides itself on acceptence and not ridicule..


  8. hahahah go tina SOME PEOPLE SUCK A DEAD MANS ARSE , happyness @ youse being on modblog , WORD! (rememberz the stupid peoplez on the planet are there to show ya are bettera than them!)…

  9. Why do I have to go back to school??? I can see how many entries there are…

    I just believe that there are much interesting things to see than you at the beach, what’s so modified about that?

    I think ever since the suicide girls and the rest of them the scene has gone to shit. People are so obsessed with the image, and just want to jump on the bandwagon.

    I hate this whole eye candy shit, I rather look at a good piercing/cutting whatever than see some chick at the beach… “Whoa! chick on the beach, way more important then anything elseâ€?

    Lets see some “modifiedâ€? plus size chicks on Modblog.

  10. stupid in some people eyes and smart to others, just all depends one where you stand…

    there is hardly anymore acceptance in the world anymore. Everyone thinks they are better than everyone else that is what the problem is…

  11. “just depends on where you stand” maybe you should lisen to your own advice….. some poeple like chicks on the beach some people like looking @ a good cutting… you have no point !!… you only seem to want to piss off tina…..who cares (apart from you) if tina is on 50 modblogs…hee youse stupid head! :P~

  12. Or is it just perhaps YOU’RE too incompetent to make a valid non-hypocritical one???

  13. who cares anymore, not i, next time i wont say a thing.

    “farewell from the world of tomorrow”

  14. “Brisbane was where the tattoo was done, gold coast was the photo location.”

    My apologies, AnGeLinPayN.

  15. she looks kindof disoriented, like she got washed up on the beach for the photo.

  16. “who cares anymore, not i, next time i wont say a thing.

    “farewell from the world of tomorrowâ€? ”

    That’s right.. NEXT TIME!! see ya then :)

  17. Basil, you can see her tattoo’s and piercings in every picture!

    She’s clearly modified!

    What are you REALLY lookin at.. hahaha!

    stop havin a hissy!

    Lookin good tina! Keep up the good work!

  18. haha, i cant believe how far this comment forum went!
    We tried to make the pictures a lot about the mods as well as the sexiness….nothing wrong with a sexy modded body. fair enough, she has no cuttings, brandings, major tattoo work or 20 piercings….but who cares, really? she’s modded, she’s sexy, and she can pose!

    One of my best sets by far. Thanks Tina for being a great model, and let’s hope we see you on modblog again in the near future!

    Oh, and I think that if Tina has become a BMEgirl, then she has a right to be on modblog how ever many times Shannon sees fit!

  19. the second pic reminds me of a blow-up doll…
    but i love the pics

    how about ignoring the whole “omgz!: she was posted on modblog already and she has very few tats/scars/piercings/etc” and viewing the pics for what they are: beautiful.

  20. I and Circus Carnis have also been on modblog a couple of times so have The hanged man, Swing, Wayde, Hack, Lori and the crew from Vogue, and a few other Aussies I reckon its all about Australia and I am PROUD, go the Aussies!!!

  21. I may be way off-base here, but in Basil’s defense, I kind of think Tina looks a little bit like another girl that Shannon’s in love with who has been featured a few times before and is currently featured on the modblog banner (not that I’m criticizing, just observing.) Maybe? I don’t know.

    Anyway, society’s conventions of beauty still apply to modded people. Right or wrong, and I think most people will say that this is right, people prefer to look at young, thin, pretty doe-eyed girls with perky breasts. Not everyone can look good in a bikini, with or without mods, so more power to her! Maybe it’s not fair to judge, but submitting pictures like that, it’s fair to assume people will judge her looks before her mods.

    People can call for modded women of all shapes and sizes to submit pics to make it sound like it’s an equal opportunity thing but really, every woman knows she will be judged on her looks and body first, then her mods. No matter what the mods are, not all of us make good pin-up material and that’s ok. If you know you don’t fit the standard ideals of beauty, you have to be really brave to hold yourself up to ridicule and rejection in a community that’s supposedly based on open-mindedness. Even for a girl to just submit something, if she’s not selected, that tells her a) you’re not hot enough and b) you’re not even all that interesting. Ouch. And if she does make it, then she faces the criticism, good or bad, of the masses. Back in the old days, most modded people faced ridicule and rejection; there’s the hypocrisy. I’m not saying people shouldn’t appreciate beauty or that they shouldn’t uphold certain standards. All I’m saying is that if it’s basically just Modblog “Hot or Not” that’s not the only type of validation modded women need. Some women might not want to submit pictures if seems like a highly judgmental or sometimes even hostile environment.

    Sorry if that sounds kind of bitchy, I don’t mean any offense to anyone, it’s more or less tongue-in-cheek observations.

  22. Umm… You’re suggesting I’m in love with Syndel? As I’ve said before the way modblog works is a two part screening process. First, Phil puts aside a small percentage of the images he processes for me, and then from those I grab a small percentage again.

    Now, if you think there are people who I or Phil am unfairly skipping over, by all means, email me the URL to their image on BME and I’ll personally go and look and if I agree, your suggestion will become a post.

    Sheesh, I’ve posted Pauly a few times too and he’s in the banner as well, maybe I’m in love with him as well.

  23. I think he meant the girl on the right, and I also think that he was siding with you but explaining to the masses, so kinda hostile response Shannon. :\

    Nice thoughts you contributed Basil. I agree, on the whole.

  24. Yikes, I’m sorry. Umm… I was actually kind of refering to the girl in the red dress. Isn’t that “ennui zero”? Sorry if it’s unfair to observe you possibly have a crush on her. I don’t know why I would think that.

    I’m not saying she shouldn’t be featured, I think she’s a lovely girl. I’m not saying anything bad about the any of the girls who are featured. Everybody likes to look at pretty girls. I’m not saying it’s bad that for guys to like young pretty girls, that is nature. I don’t have a problem with modblog. All I was suggesting was that it’s seems kind of phony for guys to call for “plus-size” modded women to submit stuff when the majority of people only want is to look at is sexy pin-up girls. If modded girls are judged and validated solely for their sex appeal, what’s it going to be like if they get old and fat? All I mean to say is, maybe that is a possible reason for alienating some women.

    I admit I could be completely wrong here.

    And sorry again for any offense. Like I said, I’m just making observations.

  25. on second thought, I realize some of my comments are unfair and out of line and for that I’m sorry

  26. Hi, This is I tina..

    These photo’s came about as helping a friend out to increase her photography portfolio, I had never modeled before this.

    I’m really proud of how these photos came out.. I havn’t always looked like this, I had major problems while I was pregnant and gained half my body weight in fluid whilst my bubba was only 5 pound.

    In every photo above u can clearly see that I have Tattoo’s and Piercings and if you can look closer you can also see 9months solid of scarification work!

    Everyone has a right to there opinion and they will voice it, fair enough.

    Like Shannon said, if you know of people more suited for Modblog then by all means tell them to send some photos in!!

    The End.

  27. I used to l live in an apartment where EVERY MEMBER OF THE HOUSEHOLD had been on modblog more than once. One of them makes regular appearances.

    So Shannon, I’d like to thank you for being in love with everyone I know on the east coast.

    Tina, you look great and right on for getting back to that after childbirth.

  28. glenner, I think both Syndel and Ennui Zero are attractive and more importantly post great photos that I believe other people will enjoy. That’s why they’ve been featured here a couple of times (same with a few other individuals and artists/groups).

    As I said before, I try and make ModBlog a mix of fun, titillating, and fascinating, with something for everyone… I hope I’m doing an OK job coming close to that goal.

  29. I think you do a fantastic job Shannon, but unfortunantly you can not please everyone. Image how boring our world would be if you could ;)

  30. Aussie, Aussie, Aussie, Oi, Oi, Oi.

    We love Tina and are happy to have seen her a ModBlog a couple of times.

  31. “on a slight side note…Tina has a really quite perculiar body odour.”

    Posted by swirly


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