Canadian Laws

One of the nice things about Canada is that it’s perfectly legal for women to be topless in any public space where it is also legal for men. Nice because all people should have a right to show off their mods equally — so that of course also applied to BMEfest 2006. Thanks to Jezebel (who had a pretty crazy experience) for this melon photo (scarification by Blair).

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23 thoughts on “Canadian Laws

  1. I was going to say … I didn’t think that was legal all over Canada! I’ve never witnessed anyone in BC walking around naked in public parks.

  2. i t hink here in columbus ohio its also allowed.. yet you never see it happening..

  3. When they passed the law here you saw it a lot (and it was on TV all the time, including all the 16 year old sqeege kids that figured out they made great tips when they worked topless), but these days it’s pretty rare to see.

  4. Going topless in New York State is legal too, but the only time I have ever seen it happen is when a woman is showing off a tattoo or piercing.

  5. It’s legal in Austin, Texas too. I love driving topless around town during the Republic of Texas biker rally.

  6. Not legal in quebec… only some far far in the wood beach.
    I hate cloth

  7. You’re right Manoushka. It should be legal to go topless here too…
    Maybe my eczema would heal if my skin could stop being buried under my clothes

  8. I’m with tara… any close ups of the scarification itself?
    This pic is very nice indeed, but we’re not here for melons, are we?
    Not water melons atleast…

  9. It’s legal in most parts of Australia too, one of the reasons Aussies love the beach I guess hahahaha

  10. I don’t think the whole topless thing would fly here in Halifax, it’s too cold here!

  11. i am extremely surprized that i was the only topless women at BMEfest and there were a few topless men.well i thank you all for the comments. i just found out that my picture was on here. your all so great! thank you for the positive support, i do need it. life is much harder with a branding on chest.

  12. Technically legal US-wide too, but of course law-book legal and enforcement legal are two very different things in America, land of the ban and home of the censor.

    And those scars, and the body they adorn, are wonderful.

  13. To #22….really? I have never heard of that in the US…..

    Also, I do agree…those are some beautiful scars.

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