Outer Labial Orbitals

I’m not convinced this isn’t going to be at least occasionally uncomfortable because of the jewelry twisting and crushing the clitoris, but then again, I don’t have outer labia or a clitoris. I’m only a fan, not an owner. This 12ga set of orbials (and the hood is 12ga also) are by Hailey at Strange City.

11 thoughts on “Outer Labial Orbitals

  1. Sweet indeed, I wonder if they are fully healed or just fresh enough that they haven’t really gotten irritated yet. This is a great look and undoubtedly fun to play with if they can be kept.

  2. I’m not sure if the full photo set is in Friday’s update; it may have been. If not it’s in this week’s members update. But I think it’s healed (or healing) because there’s some pubic hair under the rings so I doubt it’s a fresh photo.

  3. I can’t say much for the jewelry twisting but I dont think these piercings would crush a clitoris anymore than regular outer labia jewelry. And as someone who has a couple outer labia rings, let me just say that it’s less about horribly crushing the clitoris and more about squeezing it with just enough pressure heh…Sure you get some unpleasant pinches from time to time but usually they feel quite pleasant

  4. Looks yummy …. would love to look under the sheets and see that waiting…playfully delightful

  5. I do have outer labias and a clit, and I think these look like fun! My metal also presses on my clit as I walk, and I can’t say I mind! 🙂

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