60 thoughts on “Geek Love

  1. Man that looks good. I wish I had a body like that, would be perfect for the tattoos I have planned.

  2. i do love a guy with ink.

    oh and does that mean if i touch his tattoo all MY wishes will come true….

  3. Oh gods he’s lovely. Couldn’t really be any more my type. (Showing his bloody underwear though).
    I’d best leave him alone, I’m getting married (hooray!)

  4. The fade definatly brings out the defintiton in his body and boldness of this tattoo. It doesnt make it but in my opinoins it certainly helps. And yeah, Id do him.

  5. NICK!

    You got on ModBlog…I now cannot associate with you any longer for you are FAR too cool :p

    Nice one honey


  6. Haha, our group really is attacking Modblog!

    Great choice on having it on the belly, it really fits you (and you’re growing a bbeeeaaarrrd…)

  7. Wow. That man is perfect looking. I hope he doesn’t have a personality to match or I’m going to be head over heels in love.

  8. hehe. all i can think about is what kind of dreams could come true from touching that triforce.

  9. This must be a Photoshop Job – Video gaming dork boy excercises that much. This person does not exist.

  10. gretta – he is american)

    and. as tan0k said, the tatto is done at Angel Tattoo Studio in Moscow, Russia. But not by Pavel Angel. It is done by tattoo artist Roma

  11. Considering all these comments, why the hell do male geeks (no matter what their hotness) always complain that they can’t get girlfriends? Perhaps they should start looking here.

  12. Thank you for the eye candy, Shannon. Delicious. And, um, if you *could* post some hot, tattooed, Russian men, I wouldn’t complain one bit.

  13. HAha, judging by the number of posts, I know now why some girls get upset at the BMEgirls — they’re VERY horny and are jealous that there’s more eye candy for guys 😉

  14. O_O *drool* haha so if he’s American, where’s he live?? (i swear i’m not a stalker?)

  15. thanks for all the comments. and yeah i made a mistake being the simpleton i am, the artist was Roma, if you are ever in moscow and fancy some more ink go and check him out, just plain awesome.

    and no im not american, im not russian

    i am english, from engerland 😀

  16. Certainly a great guy to post, if you’re posting more guys — he is as stunning as his inkwork. And I quite like the faded bits, myself :o)

  17. go nick awsome triforce reminds me we should do that video game sus when you get back to blighty

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