Shift in Seattle

Wow, I am really blown away by this performance shot of Bonnie by Mamma Tomma — skewering someone with a pitchfork and then using it to lift them up into the air is very intense!!! I’d love to have seen this show in person…

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50 thoughts on “Shift in Seattle

  1. she has the most beautiful body shape of anyone you have ever posted on here. in my opinion, of course.

  2. woah, that’s definitely intense. i would have thought the person being lifted would have tilted more to the side since they’re just being lifted up from one side.

  3. her facial expression in the second picture makes me feel kinda icky inside…
    she looks like she is in extreme pain…

    It’s hot, though!

  4. intense…

    looks like shes held up by two pitch forks fantasien….or maybe im just seeing things

  5. I agree 11, i think in the second picture you can see another fork on the left of her.

    Anyway, awesome.

  6. to 13, i think those are capped needles on the other side, not a pitchfork (similar to the needles in the first photo).

    though i imagine the second photo could have been taken before the second pitchfork was inserted.

    in any case, it’s awe-inspiring and almost unbelievable!

  7. If you look at the series, in the first one she has needles on her right. Followed by a fork on her right (replacing the needles) and needles on her left. In the last photo she has the fork from 2, and what appears to be a single spike protruding from where the needles in 2 are.


    there definately has to be 2 forks, at any rate, i can’t imagine how intense that must be……..

    i agree with lala…….. that’s hot!

  9. bonnie works at Adorn in Portland and she os super HOT. you should call her and tell her..Mike Pitts runs SHift and has for years….they rock.

  10. That is fucking awsome…. I tae my hat off to this girl…. As you said… I need to see this in person

  11. I wish I’d been there! Bonnie is such a lovely girl. As much as it hurt, she seemed in pretty good spirits the next evening! I hear they made quite an impression on the crowd with this one, too.

  12. It’s strange, but even though I intuitively knew her expression was one of pain, it actually made me happy. There’s a lot of freedom and release mixed in with that pain, or so it seems to me.

  13. Hello to everyone and thanks for all of the rave reviews and amazing comments. I am the founder and director of SHIFT and we have been together for quite some time. To answer some of the questiosn about the piece: Yes ther are two pitchforks. Each of Bonnie’s sides had three 4-gauge needles in place prior to her entrance on stage, the insertions of the forks were done one at a time, each fork has three prongs, and each prong was in skin. The reason that she is not furhter down on the forks is that skin has a certain elasticity, and as I assured her pre-forking, the skin will eventually just stop stretching. The show was great, thanks to Infinite Connections, CoRE, PURE Cirkus, and everyone in Seattle for being so hospitable.

    Much love and Madd RespeKt…


  14. Hey Shannon- This is completely off topic but if you don’t get around to reading this, maybe someone else will. I just started using bloglinks as an RSS reader, and every other feed I subscribe to plays very nicely with it, but for some reason the last ModBlog post that registers with it is the diamond cuttings entry from the 16th. What gives?

  15. what exactly is shift?
    a place? a group? a person?
    just curious so i can check whatever it is out next time something like this happens

  16. is it clean. omfg that would be a set goal for me if safe.
    “goal” i mean, like the -i wish -types

  17. Hey all…here is a way to find out a little more about SHIFT…things are busy and finbals are almost here for me, but I promise to try and get us established on BME here soon….again, thanks for all of the support!


    wE aRe thE eDge…


  18. I just.. I wasn’t grossed out by the cheesey nasty plug, I wasn’t grossed out by the man putting out the cig in his cock.. but this… makes me want to die inside. What’s on her side in the first picture? How is this physically possible? I can just imagine her sliding down the pitch fork. These pictures make me die a little inside. O.o

  19. i cant believe what im seeing! i cant work out how its possible either! i would love to see this too! i cant even imagine what it would feel like!

  20. this woman is so beautiful, and to see her impaled on a pitchfork just makes her a bit more of an eccentric, but still dropdead gorgeous. i totally agree with Toser in comment number 4

  21. What is SHIFT:
    –verb (used with object)
    to put (something) aside and replace it by another or others; change or exchange
    a change or transfer from one place, position, direction, person, etc., to another
    –verb (used without object)
    to move from one place, position, direction, etc., to another

    We are SHIFT

  22. INTENSE! Intense beauty. Intense pain. Intense hotness. Intense pleasure. My hat’s off to Bonnie. What she went through was well worth it!

  23. I want to say, ouch.
    her face makes it seem like it hurt like a bitch.
    But I would certainly want to see this in person.

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