Pua Poluna

…which translates to “Chubby Flower”.

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22 thoughts on “Pua Poluna

  1. It figures that a thick girl would be on here without her face showing.
    I’m disappointed.
    Maybe I should post a picture of myself.

  2. Who cares if her face isn’t showing, it’s not like Shannon cut it out.

    I personally, am liking the color work of this tattoo.

  3. We need more diversity in body types; once my chest piece is colored in and looking good, I will submit photos (ones with my face in them!). And “Chubby Flower” is a ridiculously cute sentiment to have as a tattoo :)

  4. so sad she didnt get a “BME Girl” tag… It quite bothers me how every pic of a girl posted here gets a “BME Girl” tag (except this one), and only like, half the pics of men get “BME Boys” tags…

  5. I’d assume it didn’t get a BMEgirl tag because it’s just an arm. If you didn’t know what it said and didn’t see the nail polish, you wouldn’t be able to tell whether it was a big guy or a big girl.

  6. Really??? She’s being described as “chubby”??? You gotta be fucking kidding me. I couldn’t tell what I was looking at until I realized that the flesh to the right was boob.

    Chubby = 20-30lbs overweight

    this chick is FAT.

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