Boltzmann Equation Stomach Rocker

I think that capo3433‘s Boltzmann equation tattoo is the geekiest tattoo I’ve posted in quite a long time (I’m assuming he understands it, but he says he’s not very good at math!). It’s done by Kimsu at Body Graphics in NJ. If you’re wondering, s = k log w is a measure of entropy in this case.

14 thoughts on “Boltzmann Equation Stomach Rocker

  1. I think that’s the best tattoo I’ve ever seen…
    He should totally ∆G = ∆Gº+ RTlnQ somewhere too. That would be kickass.

  2. if i remember, the modernized version is actually s=k lnw, but they didn’t have the natural logarithm when boltzmann figured this equation…still funny though

  3. My friend has a tattoo of the equation that will plot a heart on a graph (and the graph with said heart as well) It’s wonderful.

  4. My friend Tony had the chemical structures (hes still explaining it to me) of pain on one arm and pleasure on the other – its soo cool.

    But feeling really geeky, doesn’t entalpy have an H in it?

  5. is it jus me or is every1 tht posted on here a bunch a math nerds >.> and btw EW hair stomach much? >.

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