Plenty of places to hitch a rope to…

Raze had this shot taken by Outlaw Posters Ink (which sells posters and prints, including this photo), with the work being done by Sean Dowdell, Burni Elis, and Matthew Martyr at Club Tattoo in Tempe, AZ.

PS. Attaching rope to surface work with any force is a bad idea so don’t think I’m seriously suggesting that!

38 thoughts on “Plenty of places to hitch a rope to…

  1. Bad idea? Absolutely. Hot idea? Abso-fuckin’-lutely.

    Thanks to all involved for the images, real & also derivative mental extrapolations.

  2. 7 Posters are available at 20$ a piece, 34 Photographic Prints are available at 25$ piece and 23 Archival prints are available at 180$ a piece.

    The above picture is only available as photographic print and archival print. And 14″ h. x 11″ w is to small for my taste.

    Just to clear things up..

  3. Reminds me of Björk’s ‘All Is Full of Love’ music video, for some reason.

    Beautiful photo, though.

  4. Such a beautiful picture. People looks so beautiful in blue light, in my opinion (or with a photoshopped blue hue, however it has to be done!)

  5. omg… that really is rather sexy.
    i so want to get some of the little slave rinfs for my surface piercings…
    they just look so sexy on everything in my opinion lol

  6. we did these piercings and there is no “photoshopping” of the piercings, yes we played with the back ground but the piercings are exactly what you see,

  7. yeah but this time it’s pretty inarguably crossed the line from documentation to art – it’s even presented here as mod related art, not as mods simply for mods’ sakes, and so editing out a little disolouration really does wonders for it as an image.

  8. RE: Jessica
    The picture is not of healed piercings. These, along with many other girls were pierced, and either decorated with interesting jewelry (like Casey here) or corsetted (like the ones on the Outlaw website, and the ones featured before).
    There was no discoloration of the skin, the only thing they may have done is smudge some blemishes, and added a blue hue (because her make up was blue, as were her panties).

  9. Does anybody else get the feeling that she is just floating weightless in water? An absolutely lovely picture.

  10. I like teh piture, and I like the piercings… Nice camera and photoshop when it comes to lighting and the colors in the pic.

    The warning at the bottom made me crack up, you cant be serious you actually need such a disclaimer.

  11. i’m likely the only one here who fears her ever putting a shirt on due it tearing at her mods..

  12. I am the only body-mod artist in Trinidad. Trini people don’t really know about extreem body piercings, so that means i don’t see girls like this every day. I think i’m in love. Good jod to the piercing artist!!

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