Stars and Pierced Nipples

Body by Jeremie, tattoos by Anne (Arkel, Belgium)

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36 thoughts on “Stars and Pierced Nipples

  1. Normally, I’m not turned on by pictures of strangers on this blog, but for some reason, the fact that he’s reaching up to touch himself lit a fire inside me today. Weird, but very cool. Thanks for the sexy man pictures, Shannon!

  2. Can he take as good care of his piercings as of his body ??
    Looks like serious scarring or something much worse..

  3. Why do I sudddenly have the urge for some tubesteak, or meatloaf, or some other beefy product? MMMM foood…

  4. I know its rude to drool in public, just cannot help myself with ripples like that.

  5. The nipples are pierced in the areola is the real issue, but he really doesn’t have much nipple. Seems a bit uncomfortable.

    I personally want to see the rest of the stars…

    And I have a thing of hands…

  6. I could care less about his tattoos, pierced nipples, or abs. I’m just incredibly attracted to his veiny hands and arms!

  7. it doesn’t have anything to do with piercing through the areola(Mine are pierced there and have been for the last 14 years and they look fine) but more likely his body not tolerating the piercing or, more grossly, he just isn’t keeping them clean enough and he’s getting some serious scar tissue and or rejection. Eh, Its like seeing a nice smile with a tooth missing…so hard to ignore.

  8. Would a shitload of press-ups & sweat tend to piss off nipple piercings? Partly a theory, partly cos I want nipple piercings… not that I do nearly as much work as it looks like this fella does.

  9. Those nipples are totally sick, and it always annoys me to see people that don’t take care of their piercings on modblog (unless they’re being used as a negative example).

  10. I agree about the nipples being sick, that was the very first thing i noticed and it really detracts from the fact that he has a nice body…

  11. Two words:

    “Ouch” for his sore looking nipple
    “Woah” for that body of his

  12. maybe he is taking care of his piercings but they aren’t agreeing.

    and yes, i love his hands. and that yummy belleh.

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