Oh, that’s real mature.

A dirty zombie school girl uses her torn off arm to fist herself, courtesy of Adam “d357r0y” Burdine at Inkville Tattoo in Las Vegas, NV. And people tell me my tattoo would turn off potential partners, hahaha.

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30 thoughts on “Oh, that’s real mature.

  1. ouch, this is a tad gruesome.
    I can think of better ways to pleasure oneself, than ripping an arm off lol.
    Oh well each to their own.

  2. Did someone eat her feet already? LOL i kid….i pinch.

    I wish I could find dude who was apprenticing at Dragon Moon in Glen Burnie, MD. He had a beautiful back piece of a giesha having sex with a cocker spaniel. It was so well done but just so wrong, and so freaking big.

    That said, I don’t mind taboo tattoos. To each their own. :)

  3. just wait till next week when someone actually amputates there arm and does this so they can get on the cover ;)

  4. it makes me sad when tattoos have so much potential to be really fucking cool but they get ruined by proportion and symmetry.

    Her teeth don’t line up where her face is torn aways and I don’t even know what to say about the legs/feet.

  5. If you go to his blog (zentastic.com), hit the entry archive, then hit december ’06 you’ll get a nice shot of his chest piece. His insanely hot chest piece.

  6. I must be in a high-tolerance-for-gore mood because I’m impressed with the creativity.

    And I don’t see any fisting…

  7. It’s not the subject matter but the execution of the tattoo. I don’t like the way it’s done, sorry.

    I DO like Shannon’s work.

  8. waxfrog… why not? do you even have any mods or any interest in mods? you are proof that child birth is no fucking miracle from god and that abortion should stay legal and be practiced more frequently… friggin’ water head babies arrrggh..

  9. #27: are you following me? Your suggestions that I should be lobotomized, castrated (?), and now aborted seem somewhat obsessive and downright bizarre.

    FYI, yes, I have mods, yes I am interested in mods, and I can think and type without having to mouth the words as I go. You?

  10. sSSssHHhhhhHHHhh… ffs… you were the one asking the dumb ass “why” not i… soooo you should’ve expected it… and in my previous posts i told you not to take this internet banter too seriously… unless THIS is your life… so please… stuff a sock in it and chillax… i

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