31 thoughts on “Double Monroe

  1. A girl usually has to be a particular kind of cute for me to think a monroe works…otherwise, I’m not a big fan.

    However makes double monroes work…does that mean she’s double cute?

    yes, yes I think it does.

    BTW, I checked out her IAM page and if she and I had been in high school together, I would have been hopelessly in love. 🙂

  2. Nice comment, Kevin. Really got your point across there.

    Little balls of metal = idiocy. Stay away from ball bearings!

  3. It probably says something about me when the first thing I notice is not the cute girl, her piercings, OR her cleavage, but the distraction that is/is on her stomach.
    Seriously, what is that?

  4. She’s adorable with a capital UH! Thumbs up for pouty kissy lips and baby-bangs.

    ps – Hey, Ronnie!

  5. She is just adorable, I think the double monroe’s really suit her; she has damn sexy lips!

  6. People like me are also facially modified.

    Trying to imitate a wart or mole, or whatever, just doesn’t look good to me; two is worse.

  7. That would be called a navel, “Invisshadow.” Commonly known as a “bellybutton.”

    & this girl is effin adorable.

  8. kevin, i don’t think she’s trying to imitate a wart… she’s just added some cute shiny things to her face.

    and she is freaking cute as hell.

  9. i have two lowbrets, and am definately not trying to imitate a mole. if anything, I wanted tusks 🙂

  10. Not to mention we have the same name, spelled different. That’s pretty cool.

  11. yes, kevin when your covered with warts i can see why you don’t like others to have these types of piercings.
    go back to frezzing your eggs.

  12. I honestly think she looks beautiful!
    I’ve been wanting to get mine forever, and the fact that she can wear them and not look trashy is quiet amazing, I have not seen many people that can yett.

    Perfect perfect perfect.

    Angel bites/double monroe is more of a female piercing, and she pulls them off wonderfully.

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