26 thoughts on “Healed Snowflake Cuttings

  1. I wish Brian would have posted that on the events page. I live close to Cincinnati, and could have finally gotten worked on by him. 🙁

  2. #7, he says in the post they’re just “similar”, not the same cuts. They’re even done by different artists.

  3. what the hell are you guys talking about? those two pics are the same girls… obviously the text link is on a diff person.

    i think #6 is talking about the “white” scared lines inbetween the snowflakes.

  4. snowflake scars, bad ass.
    would be all the more wicked if she had some war wounds from a snowboard accident. 😛

  5. B-e-a-utiful. I want to see a front shot for the other scars too though. Which having decided not to be lazy…Have found on her IAM page 🙂 Very nice stuff.

  6. Cutting snowflakes are beautiful! Me too, I have a snowflake scar and I certainly don’t regret it!

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