Paisley Hip Tattoos

Mike sends in this photo he took of Tovah, after she had these nice paisley tattoos put on by Tomasso Tattoo of Italy (at the 2006 Detroit Tattoo Convention). I hope the design is extended further down in the long run (and no, not just so I can hope a picture is sent in, but because I believe that tattoos should always be designed for the nude… but maybe that’s just me).

32 thoughts on “Paisley Hip Tattoos

  1. eh, i’ll say it. I hope she gets the tattoo extended so we can see her vagina!

  2. great design. i think it looks great as it is, no need to extend it. do you have any links to Tomasso Tattoo?

  3. I think it would look lovely extended a bit further down. Not that it’s not already beautiful – it is – but it kind of looks like it’s been cut off by her pants. It’s kind of a sharp line to finish on.

  4. Yeah, it does just seem to stop all of the sudden, rather than ending naturally.

  5. Wow, I never really thought of using the Paisley pattern in a tattoo but it looks fantastic.

  6. I would love to have a different style paisley (as not to copy) theme. Perhaps 1/4 sleeves.
    Really nice, and the theme can be run with anywhere on the body. It’s hot!

  7. The panties and tattoo are dank and amazing. where can i get such fantastic undies. i think the tattoo would flow better if the tattoo continued

  8. Wow, in all the years I’ve been on BME and IAM, that’s the first time I’ve seen a tattoo and wanted it to be on me, and wished that I’d thought of it first…

  9. I’m going to make me a set of those panties…
    *wanders off to rumage through her stash of strange fabrics*

  10. I already have paisley tattoos 😀 Hers look great! Kind of reminds me of work by Dan Di Mattia (whose name I really hope is spelled that way).

  11. holy wow. That’s REALLY beautiful. It really makes me sad that i’m going to have to wait for a couple years for my own tattoo in that location, thanks to finances and grumpy parental units.

    They’re from La Senza 😀
    That’s a gorgeous tattoo.

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