You call that a condom?

This is a condom!

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67 thoughts on “You call that a condom?

  1. Haha, this is great! And to think that when I got my labret spikes 8 years ago, I thought that was pretty fucking extreme *giggle*

  2. So…that’s two guys yeah? So…with the…oh nevermind. This is pretty silly looking…it makes me giggle ( : Is there any word on how they photographed this? : P

  3. Not that I think id ever try that, but i genuinely dont think my hips are even wide enough to allow that!!

  4. ………oh……….oh………..yeah okay

    *husband looks at screen*

    ……..what?………*cocks his head the the side*…….oh, can I try that on you?

    (I said no, btw)

  5. The size doesn’t really bug me so much as the concern that the circular bit on the end (I don’t know the terminology) is going to cause some tears in that person’s anus. Also that there is absolutely no taper to the object being inserted, which is never good…

  6. How much strecthing must that have taken to accommodate? How long would something like that have taken to get used to?

  7. 38, My guess is that a good bit of fisting was used to prep for the er…. pump-condom. It’s pretty common to use gloves for that,not only for safe sex but also because of nails and hang nails etc.

  8. God its hysterical listening to (mostly) heterosexual people talk observationally about gay men having sex.

    1. Yes, its a penis/ball/whatever pump. it is large though.
    2. the pants with the cool zippers are not pants, they’re chaps.
    3. The white lube might be Crisco, or it might be any other number of lubricants that are cream based-not all lubes are clear.
    4. and Yes, Carolyn, the valve might scratch and tear the skin. If I was doing this I would get a tube with the valve on the side near the base where it rests against the body, but with these bigger tubes they may not have had a choice.
    5. He’s wearing gloves because he wants too.
    6. Nothe other guy won’t walk funny.
    7. No it doesn’t hurt.
    8. Because they both like it.

  9. 20 mins too long to be staring at this one picture?
    they sure dont teach that in sex ed :P

  10. #43, this goes way beyond just two men having sex! say if the pump was’nt there I don’t think people would be making the comments they are but when you have a pump the size of someones thigh going into someones ass people are gonna be kind of blown away by it

  11. Very impressive… but why crisco? Couldn’t they have used an oil without so much trans-fat in it? Think of your cardiovascular health, people. ;)

  12. Cuntcumber- the pump is going in the other guy’s ass. The line-anus is the giver’s not the recievers.

  13. i lilke how in the middle picture on the top… his anus looks like a pussy…

  14. OW OW OW OW OW. Good for them, though, if they like it, let them do it. But OW OW OW OW OW. lol.

  15. #43..
    I thought they were chaps.. I just didn’t want to be presumptive, and all “black leather chaps for teh ghey dewds.”
    BUT.. I did want the wearer to know I thought they were hot.

  16. Jaded? Me? Now I know how Shannon feels sometimes looking at so many mangled scrotums all day.

    Perhaps being jaded about some big ole’ honkin vac tube covered in crisco being not too delicately rammed into another guys anus being commonplace in my life says more than simply being jaded. different strokes…er, for different folks?

  17. how can you be confused? the guy vacuum pumped his penis up and is now inserting it in the guys butt hole, pump and all.

  18. WOW!! worst part is i actually know ppl who do this on a regular basis, ummm not me i like mine just the size it is, i make perfect poops, why mess with perfection

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