Pretty Horizontal Hood Ladder

I wanted to post this Jamaica-style (red, yellow, and green gemstones) triple horizontal hood piercing because it’s an attractive placement, but also because it illustrates how to take a photo of your genital piercings if you don’t feel like getting all spread for a friend with a camera.

30 thoughts on “Pretty Horizontal Hood Ladder

  1. gorgeous!

    unfortunately my girl has no interest whatsoever in having her’s pierced though i think its mainly because she’s shy

  2. That’s so gorgeous! Would you have to get each piercing done, then let it heal or could you do all 3 at once?

  3. oh, and i assume this was done in an etched glass mirror, otherwise your little comment wouldn’t make sense, shannon.

  4. Traffic Lights for sure!

    and it’s so pretty.

    I love HCH piercings, so 3 is like… 3 times as good. *wink*

  5. Classy pic! And I like that triple HCH look. My single VCH looks so plain now =(

  6. In response to #8, I’m not sure about this particular person but in general it is a recommended to get each piercing done individually. It is much easier for them to heal one by one, they need room to allow for the intial swelling and with three piercings done at one time, it would be a bit crowded and may get irritated/take longer to heal.

  7. ok who wants to play… greenlight!
    gree…. redlight!!!

  8. the flag of Jamaica is yellow, black and green. The colours red, yellow and green represent Africa or African heritage. If anthing, it would represent the Ethiopian flag – or possibly Rastafarianism.

    A Pedant

  9. Hi my wife is thinking of having a Hood piercing. We both find it so difficult to find any streight fordward claire pitchers of what she wants. We can’t seem to understand why put your photo up there to be look at and then you can’t see where the ring, or whatever is placed, what size the ring or bar is. So we are greatful that you have given us a glims of what it could be like, to serious piercing fans, it’s not that helpful.

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