Have you met Mute-One?

There are a lot of celebrities (well, let’s at least say “microstars”) that lurk on IAM because they’re body modification or body play fans… Rick Nielsen of Cheap Trick recently bumped into MUTE-ONE (of Cutthroat Tattoo in Milwaukee, WI) and sent in the photo on the left, and a few days later, Ethan Zohn (you may remember him from Survivor Africa) sent in his encounter with the same blade-cheeked fellow.

…wait, I may have gotten that backwards…?

30 thoughts on “Have you met Mute-One?

  1. I think he’s one of the cutest modified people I’ve seen/talked to…right next to Howie 😀

  2. I live about 30-45 minutes south of Cutthroat Tattoo..I see ‘MUTE-ONE’ at concerts and such fairly often. He assisted with my friend’s trans-scrotal that was done by Tony from Bad Apple Tattoo (Las Vegas)..he’s a good guy, fun to hang out with..drinks like a fish.

  3. i want steve perry to, ummm, “bump into” me. or ronnie james dio, only not in the same “holy diver” sort of way. but really, cheap trick is awesome.

  4. wow i feel so special, mute one took me drinking and i showered in his shower!!!! i should never shower again!! haha

  5. We all love this kid here in Idaho…:) Come back for a “business dinner” soon….:)

  6. Not only is he a cutie, and super sweet, hes sitting behind me fondeling my nuts!!!!

  7. I agree that he is a cutie, but what’s going on with his ear? It looks very pink in both pics. Is that ink, or a fresh stretch, or some weird trick of the light? Maybe he’s blushing? Hmm.

  8. Yepp, hitting on a guy proclaiming this, must be a looser, or he was drunk out of his wits, probably the later… David, that is the lamest self attention whoring comment to date.

    That a side… love the horns, love the tatt, love the company. Dude give me a ring when you hit Iceland, I’ve got loads of friends with benefits for you, whether the benefits are kinky or a beer.

  9. i have met “mute-one” better known as jared. and i havent washed yet (its been almost a year now) for fear of his cigarette smoke slipping out of my pores.

  10. hey, remember that time we were comming home from Heartbreakers… you were wasted and trying to give Heather and I directions (which were wrong). But you passed out mid-sentence in my front seat. I managed to find my way back to your place. You came to and immediately started to finish the sentence you passed out during, not realizing we were already home.
    ah…. good times.

    OMG! Rick Nielsen! NFW! SWEET!

  11. I know the modified guy. He pierced repierced my septum for me and hes about the best piercer I’ve ever met. He was really sweet and did a kick ass job.

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