Great big transscrotal

Grow your own cockring! My old friend c_ntryboy (who recently had a way more intense modification — a shoulder replacement) has gone through a few ordeals achieving his transscrotal piercing, but it sure looks like it’s doing great now… he can even turn himself inside-out (or upside-down?).

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17 thoughts on “Great big transscrotal

  1. Hah, first I was looking at his ampallang (at least, that’s what it looks like) and thinking, ‘hey, that’s not a scrotum’ and then I did a double take and realized ‘oh, his junk is upside down…’

  2. ok. someone PLLLEEAASEE explain this to me. because i cannot for the life of me understand this .. like. :-/

  3. In lieu of my usual insightful commentary, I’d like to point out that this gives entirely new meaning to, “Go Fuck Yourself.”

  4. damn it sometime i wish i had balls so i could have a trans scrotal
    i think they are sweet

  5. I love those, it reminds me of another post where a female put her lips through her stretched hood. Another reason for starting genital pumping.

  6. Damn. I’m….I donno how I feel about that…. It kinda makes me giggle. Giggling is a good thing…..

  7. I have a transcrotal planned for some time this year, and this pic has just pushed me further into wanting one.

    I was actually thinking about this situation a while ago and what would happen if you got an erection whilst ‘tucked in’.

    Hmmn…….. I shall have to test this and report back. :)

  8. joeltron you could get stuck mate not good.

    about time my good mate had some luck, as he had some right trouble to get his last attempt to heal

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