Torso Cutting

In this photo Evan is “fresh out of the into the cold painful air after five hours of agony” by Wes at Electric Chair in Riverside, CA.

“So I spent from one o’clock to six o’ clock getting cut. It was agony but well worth it. I did a lot better than I thought I would, but when it came time to clean me up that was a different story — green soap and a fresh cutting is worse than the cutting process itself. My whole body leaped from the table and I let out a horrendous cry of pain. Begging and pleading for it to stop hurting. This was the first time I cried over something physical in a while — not a tear during the cutting was shed (which surprised me), but after was different. It was a great experience for me. I had close friends all with me and felt very supported. Thanks for everything Mia, Christian, Dani, and most importantly Wes. You did an amazing job and this scar looks amazing.”

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34 thoughts on “Torso Cutting

  1. reminds me of that Nirvana song for some reason…”Gallons of alcohol rush through it” I think it’s called. (I’m sure someone will correct me if I’m wrong…) The cat just split open my thigh the other night and that hurt like a bitch, and thats nothing compared to your cutting! Kudos to you for having nerves of steel, Evan!

  2. What an unreal cutting! And to have had good friends with you..what a bonus. In time the memory of the pain will fade but never who stood next to you…

  3. Nice cutting – and I like it when people actually admit that mods hurt! It’s so irritating when people skirt around the pain issue – because you can only deal with something if you know what to expect.

  4. thanks for all the positive feedback. it was a unreal experience and not what i expected. i am so happy with the outcome of it and am glad i went through with it.

  5. I really like it…it looks awsome and I think it’s even better that he was able to share this experience with the people close to him :)

  6. it looks awesome, but i dint like how it stops in a perfect rectangle around the belly-button area.

  7. Oh, that’s sweet! Any possibility of a clearer photo? I’d really like to see this up close.

    Oh yeah, I hate the green soap part too! It was bad enough on my rib tattoo, I couldn’t even imagine it on a cutting!

  8. Is it meant to be so uneven? Regardless of how he’s standing, look at the top, and compare the triangular shapes on the boarder.

  9. Wow… pretty big step up from the Riverside Electric Chair I got my tongue pierced at years ago… Pretty sweet lookin, too.

  10. There we go, I knew someone would recognize the song…Good job RooRaaah!

  11. i can assure anyone that this was not sloppily done. regardless to what it looks like in a picture. the pictures do not do it justice. wes and i spent the hours lining it up and careful cutting. and i did this cutting all 5 hours with no anesthesia of drugs of any sort. it made the experience more real.

  12. Maybe point the camera a little lower next time? Nice cuts though :) The belly-button section is a little weird for me, but I still like it

  13. yeah the navel we really didn’t touch. i thought it would be better to just leave that area alone. but now that its healed in thinking of something to cut into it to make the scar flow more.

  14. wtf dude it dosnt look like u put much thought by ur belly button area… or u did and in my oipionin u just have bad taste then…& holly fuck it looks likes a squibly mess to me.once again this poster takes no responsibilty for having his own opionin ~_- “Begging and pleading for it to stop hurting”lol or mAYbe when i look realy close that it set up fto finish off later on there but u took the time to cry instead”

  15. thanks lotn. its not that its cold here but i had just got out of a hot shower and the coldness of my bathroom hurt.

  16. Insane. Why don’t you do something REALLY crazy like fight in a war or something?

  17. in regards to Bradley’s hating. your pretty much right i must not have taste. i thought the image was beautiful and knew it would look amazing( which it really does) and wanted to help a friend get his foot in the door with his scar work. this was a long and painful experience and i didn’t spend all my time crying about it. i can admit that it hurt. but i only cried or weeped when green soap was applied to it. i earned this piece with five long hours of cutting and no sedation, drugs or anesthesia. so please keep your negative comments in context or have this amount of work and appreciate the beauty of it.

    to soldiers mom. i would fight in a senseless war or for a country that would just shit on me once they got what they wanted from me if they deemed me good enough to catch bullets. i was on my way to enlisting in united states marine core but uncle sam on his high horse wouldn’t take me due to my extensive medical background as a child. i also opened my eyes and am glad they didn’t take me because i cant even imagine going over seas to die when i know this country wrong and shouldn’t be at war.

  18. I love that most of the people that comment negative feedback won’t link their pages to their name, or at least an email.

    Evan it looks wonderful, it looks 100% better in person, I guess people don’t take into consideration the grainy cellphone pic, fresh swollen wound (which we all know swelling morphs the modification until it’s healed), or that the photo isn’t taken exactly head on, seeing as how your slightly twisted in the photo to take it yourself, but you know… who thinks about those things, they just want to be rude. screw the negative energy that people have! It’s beautiful Evan, it compliments you well.

    p.s. I thought grammar was included in all general education… wierd.

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