Now THAT’s a beautiful suspension!

iam:kathleen‘s sixth suspension

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46 thoughts on “Now THAT’s a beautiful suspension!

  1. How very lovely and pure?! I would like my first suspension to be like that…

  2. I’m not a suspension fan but that is truly beautiful. She looks so at peace.

  3. I’d say there’s quite a bit of photoshopping done there. It looks to me like 3 pictures stitched together: The mossy/cliff background (including log), the waterfall/rock area, and her.

    That or it’s just an odd perspective or something.

  4. I’m going with great picture, odd perspective.
    Interesting choice to suspend naked, but I can understand why someone would want to. It’s pretty.

  5. and ya know i was thinking
    for having suspension hooks put in the body all in the same location like hers she must have quite a bit of scar tissue…?

  6. i don’t know whether its photoshopped or not, but couldn’t the first guy who posted it have done it, not shannon? so seeing “the original” doesn’t mean much, does it?anyway, i think it’s pretty, regardless.

  7. the image is a strong and beautiful, photoshopped or not. jeez. it looks very emotional and awesome :)

  8. This is an amazing location to suspend. Its breathtaking. All you non believers there are more than just this picture from the session on her page. It might be slightly enhanced to bring out the colors, but it is a real picture. There is one that isn’t as pretty as this but obviously a real picture and real location.

  9. is she pregnant..cause that would be very sexy!!! and would a pregnant woman be able to be suspended/is there risks for the baby,mother…or could it be a good thing i hope so…..other wise stunning all in all…shawn africa

  10. for those of u who think its photoshoped its just an optical illusion i think b/c it is broken into 3 seperate areas the log the light and the moss which give the sense that these were just thrown together and if im wrong some1 did a good job photoshoping all those

  11. Well, I threw the hooks and I took the picture and I CAN’T EVEN USE PHOTOSHOP!

  12. I’ll tell you all what, I’m gonna get the rest of my pictures, and I will whip out my NINJA LIKE kung fu photoshop skills and I’ll show you how it’s done.

  13. I’m sorry I ranted. It was a beautiful day, there was no need to make it prettier.

  14. Who gives a fuck about her facial expression? I didn’t know we all had to live by one expression. I think this picture is beautiful, and she looks at peace to me.

  15. @ #33

    There is no problem with pregnant women suspending as long as there is no significant bleeding. Its prob not the smartest thing to do tho willingly exposing such a large wound to the environment but meh, people have done worse, ie: drinking/smoking when pregnant.

    But no she is not pregnant lol

  16. I always thought that Shannon always edits the photos he puts them on modblog/front page, but still, it doesn’t change the fact that it looks like an amazing thing to witness and be apart of

  17. i totally don’t understand this photo, how is she suspended? are there wires that are invisible? where are the hooks? i do see what looks to be a bunch of knives at her right (our left) side. this is a beautiful photo, but i don’t get it!

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