18 thoughts on “Sistinas visits Singapore

  1. Don’t see too many panda bear tattoos…. even fewer when they’re beside Bettie Page. Hmm. Ok. Maybe this is a first.

  2. i remember the hand tattoos too—i think they look better in this post 🙂

  3. No se que porque este cuadro a llamado tanta mi atencion a de ser por ese par de manos tan lindas!

  4. I watched Sarah get those… And the raspberry in the armpit. That girl is the goddamn Terminator, nothing phases her.

    And she’s trez awesome, too 🙂

  5. I love his hand tattoos. Thanks Shannon for posting another shot of him as I wanted to see how the play into the rest of his tattoos.

  6. Why are y’all looking at his hands when the whole pic bleeds burnin’ awesomeness?Her bettie page tattoo is really really really SMOKIN’ HOT, btw.

    …so all the boring people live here, uh? 🙁

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