22 thoughts on “Sailor Kid

  1. very nice picture, cute kid and pretty tattoo! but yeah, i wish i could see the whole thing too.

  2. Awesome, my almost-three-year-old son also loves my ink and piercings.
    Would be nice to see the entire tattoo, though.

  3. Awww that IS adorable. I remember when our son first started noticing our tattoos. Kids are SO fascinated by it. It’s like being a living, breathing picture book. 🙂

  4. That is so cool. I have my grandkid’s names and birthdates on my shoulder. I ask my 3 yr old grandson what the tattoo is and he says “that’s me and baby sister”. I love it.

  5. awww.

    my cousin came up to my nose & pointed at my septum piercing and goes “what’s that? I’m gonna touch it.”

  6. too adorable for words! The first time my little brother discovered my tattoos he tried to pick them off!! I think he was about 6 months old, possibly a tad older.

  7. My boyfriends little girl was fascinated by my tattoos and piercings when she first realised I had them! The picking them off thing that Bri talks about sounds familiar, she used to do the same. She still occassionally sits there and tries to play with my ear piercings and my lip ring. She now draws pictures on her arms in felt tip pen and claims that she wants tattoos like me when she is older! awwww!

  8. This is so adorable. I remember being very young and always looking at my grandfathers full sleeves. He had all the vintage sailor jerry style stuff. A pin up hula girl, a black jaguar, a big boat with a pirate flag etc…He used to tell me stories about them too. I’m pretty sure those days are what sprouted my love of tattoos. He was an amazing grandpa but he died of cancer when I was 9. I really wish I had more time with him. Maybe we could have gone and gotten matching tats. 😀

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