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  1. Those stars wouldn’t look as good if her breasts where bigger. Way to go little boobs!

  2. I really like those stars
    I thought about getting nipple tattoos to improve my self-esteem about them but since I’m a small C and my nipples are pretty big I think it would emphasize them too much…which is problematic for me.

  3. Pol, I have that exact same problem, only I’m a small E. Having them pierced, however, has done wonders for my tittay self-esteem.

  4. Pol, I agree with others. I have C boobs, and hated how my boobs looked. I got them pierced, and I have never loved them so much 🙂 Go for it!!!

  5. my girlfriend is probably going to read this and get pissed off and all that, but yeah, this woman is gorgeous, i’ve been swooning for like 10 minutes

  6. hmm my chest looks so plain in comparison to the first modblog of me, w/ absence of sub-clavicles and such.. but I’m healthier now… Also, I have since taken out the nipple piercings, and had diagonal ones done–which I beyond love! I had plain pink stars before these stars. Oh, and I came extremely close to breast implants (as in I had the $ order ready and everything..).

  7. implants? not necessary. not at all. you wouldn’t use magic markers to update a Michelangelo, would you?

  8. Wow. Our favorite pierced katg listener on the blog again. Looking good. Wish I had a car to make it down to that summer. Ohs wells.

  9. Great comment Matt.
    Esmeray, you need no implants. Take it from the other side of the grass. I’m a little bigger then a G, and long to have smaller breasts. Although men seems to “notice your rack” more often at this size, I will never look proportional where your chest is just another beautiful feature on an already beautiful body.
    You can’t improve on what you already have…
    Not in my opinion anyways. 🙂

  10. yes! definitely be happy for what you have. in any case u wont have the problem that guys get distracted on your boobs when talking to you, they’ll look at your face.

  11. Hey Esmeray – my boobs look exactly like yours (apart from the stars, sadly) and I’ve wanted breast implants for years… but now I’ve seen how gorgeous they look on you, I think “screw that”.

    We just cannot see our own bodies properly…

  12. esmeray, you are beautiful! getting breast implants is pointless. you have a great body and your brests suit you perfectly!

  13. Add me to the “I wish I had your boobs” crowd. 75 DD isn’t all that funny.

  14. actually, I had a picture of her sub clavs saved on my computer and it wasn’t until a friend went “That’s Janet*!” that I realized I knew her. I figured it was just a girl who looked a lot like her because I never took her for the extreme body modification type.

    *Names have been changed to protect the innocent.

  15. The tattoos are beautiful! Her face is beautiful. The porn star makeup… ehhhh….

  16. Man, I can’t imagine being the tattoo artist for those stars…. hard to work with half a rod the whole time, that’s some intimate handling of a person’s anatomy no matter how professional you are!

  17. mmmmm…there’s definately enough there for a mouthful!

    (sorry,but I had to comu back,and say that!)

  18. Because of your beautiful mods, my little boobies are DEMANDING that I treat them better!

  19. #30 MissJanet although 75 DD seems pretty large, and make me think of back problems…..big breasts are just as beautiful as small ones.

  20. i’ve got A’s and i keep thinking i want to pierce my nips too. seeing this makes me want to do it more. HOORAY!

  21. i don’t like stars theyre so fukkin boring … every trendwhore has stars tattoed … that sukkz.
    that doesn’t mean that you are a trendwhore …

  22. Esmeray – Not really, I’m going to assume if we had really known each other I wouldn’t have been so suprised when I started seeing you on here! I’m Laine, I dunno, you may remember me, you may not. I only went to SPASH a year before I switched over to the Alternative.

  23. purdy flower…i love the nip stars, and the piercings. implants would make that look too much like porn waiting to happen. . .you’re so beautiful without them. as a woman with 38EE chesticles, be happy with them. . .as a bisexual woman who appreciates bod-mods, you look beautiful. 😀 Love It!!!

  24. I’m not a big fan of nipple tattoos on men or women. But, I really love her double nipple piercings. I used to have mine like that but they kept getting sores from rubbing together somehow. I took out the vertical ones and I’ve had no problems since.

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