Capt. Howdy does Jaffa

If you thought there were no alternative clubs in Jaffa, think again..

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As a point of trivia, The Dungeon Club (14 Kikar Kdumim, Old Jaffa) where this performance by Captain Howdy took place is the first Jewish S&M venue in Tel Aviv!

22 thoughts on “Capt. Howdy does Jaffa

  1. I’m very very scared.

    I’m home alone, it’s dark, it’s windy, it’s raining, I think I just heard thunder, and now I have got that bloody music in my head too.

    Cool vid vid tho!

  2. thats brilliant, nice video, hope to get along to a few of these performances, and maybe even hussel a place in the show my humble wee self.

  3. Does anyone actually know which artist is responsible for the musical piece?

  4. translation (BTW, it’s no “israeli”, it’s hebrew):

    warning: the next clip contains scenes that are not easy to watch, and is not suited for viewer under the age of 18.

    hi, i’m captain howdie, i came here from london to give you a body suspension and fakeerism show, i hang myself, i’m gonna skewer myself, i eat and swallow glass, i lie down on glass, i eat and spit fire, there are a few more things i do, that i can’t do in this country.

    the girl at the end:
    i couldn’t watch the whole show, even though i’m part of that scene and all that, it almost made me sick, theres nothing like that in this country, he was here twice, and this happens only once every few years.

    i apologise for my mistakes.


  5. That event took place about 2 months ago, actually, and he’s back here again now for a nature themed suspension. So yeah, I guess he is having more and more fun hehe.

  6. I’m personally not into that sort of things, but YAY for Israel! I’m glad to see us on Modblog (-:

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