I didn’t even know scars could bruise!

The left photo of ACID333‘s blue bonnet and “mourning” glory scarification was taken on day four, and the right photo is healed… I thought at first it was an ink rubbing, but she says it’s actually just bruising from her jeans!

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31 thoughts on “I didn’t even know scars could bruise!

  1. I’m more interested in the scars on her other side and the one over her chest…i have scars that have bruised:/

  2. I’ll second (or third or whatever) the desire to see her other scar pieces! The one on her chest looks interesting!

  3. i have an anchor scarification on my thigh and it’s… purpley like that, too. i would describe it as bruising, also. i guess it is unusual?

    her work is gorgeous!

  4. Has a nice gradient/shaded look to it – can an ink rubbing give the same effect as this bruising? I’m liking it – and not usually a fan of this type of scarification.

  5. Looks great in person. Ed Chavarria did a good job.
    I dont remember seeing it bruised at the time.

  6. I really REALLY like the way this sits on her body, from a design perspective, its almost like the scars serve as a “look here!” eye-leaders. Beautiful!

  7. my scar bruised from jeans as well. Its on my right calf, the outermost part had bruised during healing.

    It will eventually fade and be uniform with the rest of the scar.

  8. Apart from maybe irritating a fresh scar… how on EARTH can jeans BRUISE someone? It makes no sense… i mean, you must have some sort of blood clotting disorder or wearing your jeans way too tight or SOMETHING. I can’t see how wearing jeans could cause bruising???

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