Gorgeous Forehead Implants!

I think I posted the before picture of the big 1 1/4″ labret being put in the day before yesterday (sort of a funny photo) — thus the swelling — but I really wanted to share the after portrait because I really love the implants! These were implanted by Steve Haworth and made custom for him by Jesse Jarrell. Forehead reshaping (be it by implants, piercings, tattoos, scars, whatever) is one of my favorite body modifications…

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35 thoughts on “Gorgeous Forehead Implants!

  1. Man, that labret looks painful. It’s just so red along the underside of his lip and on his chin. My lip/chin is throbbing with sympathy pains..

    That being said.. i’d like to see the head tattoo.. it looks really bright and colorful!

    The implants… aah forehead implants.. yet another one looking like some sort of Star Trek species. hehe I’ mean that in the most positive non-insulting way. Its just funny because that’s all i can think about when i see those.

  2. ok, is it just me or do his lips look insanly kissable like that?

    The combination of the implants with the shape distortion of the nose and lower lips and the solid black jewlery give him an other worldy look. rockstar!

  3. aww his bottom lip looks owwie :[

    i love when people use mods to create a complete “look”, like when everything matches and sort of goes with their face.

    the only thing i would like to know is what all of these heavily modded people do for a living! shannon, article? ^^

  4. hey shannon does this person have an iam page? if so, please share! i’d love to see his head tattoo as well and any other pics he may have :)

  5. -the only thing i would like to know is what all of these heavily modded people do for a living! shannon, article?-

    i second that!

  6. Hey Shannon, I was just wondering, do you only post photos of IAM members, or just whichever photos catch your eye?

  7. I third the article idea, except maybe with a little story to each person, you know, add a bit of flare. ;)

  8. i like the look and the implants are cool, but one thing i just cant stand is no eyebrows, please grow them back, you just cant trust people without eyebrows!

  9. LOL at pumpkin comment, that was floating at the back of my mind.
    Its really an amazing image, balances in an unexpected way.

    Fourthed, or whatever, on the possible article. Hearing from a large sampling of people would be an interesting read.

  10. I would love an article on jobs held by people with visible mods. Maybe an option to answer a short questionnaire when you submit photos or something? I’d like know: what jobs are held by people with visible mods, how having visible mods has affected their job (except in the case of those in the body modification field, obviously no trouble there!), and if there is an interesting related anecdote or piece of advice they would like to share. I think that would keep it short but answer the main points people would want to know.

  11. Oh, and the implants are lovely. His lips remind me of having my vertical labrets done. They’re only 2 14g piercing but I had amazing “bee-stung” lips for a couple of days. I felt like Angelina Jolie or something. I was actually kind of sad when the swelling went down. Come to think of it…I had my lips done by Steve Joyner at Laughing Buddha (when it was still Puncture). I love that shop!

  12. he looks really deep in thought, but maybe that’s just the forehead implants. agreed, various people of the comment list, his lips do look very kissable ^_^

  13. #17, Whoopi Goldberg has no eyebrows, are you saying you cant trust Whoopi? haha!

    I like the implants, the lip looks sore though. I cant imagine having that mod, I talk too much and Id flip it into my teeth all the time from giggling.

  14. his lip doesnt look too comfy there…looks like its a circle and im sure he’ll have a hell of a time adjusting to it because i did just stretching.

    i have a 1 1/4″ lip too and its taken me a while to adjust to it over time.

  15. Stephanie..

    I just wanted to comment on something you said. I’m all for the article, but you mentioned “except if you’re in the body modification feild, obviously nothing wrong there!”

    Well.. i won’t name names, but in my region i’ve spoken to a few bodmod artists who have gotten alot of greif from their bosses for looking “too scary” “too freakish” and that if they didn’t take out or tone-down the mods, they would either lose their jobs or be punished in some way, like working only on less busy days. When I say mods, i mean piercings, tattoos, hair style, clothing, etc. Its rather pathetic, but I suppose these bosses only have money on their minds, the idea being that if the artist looks too scary, people won’t want work by him or the shop. Sad truth.
    SO, i’d love to hear from some heavily modded individuals who work in the feild anyways, see if they have ever gotten greif or been told anything negative about them.

    two cents!

  16. I hadn’t though of that, but then I’ve never heard anything like that from the people in modification fields that I know. If they have relevant experiences or advice to share, I think that would be very interesting and should definitely be included!

  17. it looks silly. I love piercings and body modification, but this guy is not in a dateable state looking like this.

  18. Matt isn’t worried about dating. He was worried about his visage in a huge public forum like this though. Largely speaking, he doesn’t want everyone in the world to see him. But now that it’s been publicly dropped, I may post more detail on the implants as they are some of the only pieces I’ve done in the last few years. Almost 100% computer designed except for an initial pencil sketch from Matt.

  19. hey i was wondering where did you get those i was hoping i could get some “horns” to spice up my look if you contact me to my e-mail that would be fantastic my e-mail is [email protected]

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