Gorgeous Medusa

MissMeg‘s facial tattoos were done by Cammie Gorman at Beelistic Tattoo in Cincinnati, Ohio.

37 thoughts on “Gorgeous Medusa

  1. Here is the funny thing.. the medusa “piercing” is a tattoo, and I HATE my medusa chest piece! It looks like Grace Jones. haha.
    Thank you for all the nice compliments though!!

  2. Rarely facial tattoos, stretchjed piercing and stuff manage to be so embarassingly cute.

  3. as soon as I saw this on the BME cover…

    all I could think was that she looked like a female version of BLAIR.

    very pretty. :)

  4. The medusa’s the gorgeous part? sorry… i was too busy staring at her lovely eyes to notice it right off :)

  5. #17 – I definitely see that too now you’ve mentioned it. And it’s certainly a good thing, Blair is really gorgeous, even moreso in the flesh.

  6. Hi Meg! Are you the same person as Meg Wax? I ask because someone misidentified me as you in the BME Scrapbook in 2002. I’m heavier than you are, so…sorry! :)

  7. Nope, I am not Meg Wax. My former user name was serpenttitties.

    And wow, thank you for the comparisons to Blair.. he is SO fucking pretty!

  8. hahaha, it does look like grace jones. oh well. =) pretty girl, though. I really like the tattoos on her forehead. They compliment her.

  9. Though I love the look of facial inkwork, I wouldn’t usually consider it myself, mostly because of work. But I love love love the inkwork on her forehead…and work done there could certainly be doable with a little makeup and bangs/fringe for work.
    Damn, now I’m going to be plotting the perfect design for me and spending more money!

    She’s just so cute and her labret is awesome, too =)

  10. Meg, you’re the kind of beautiful that looks stunning just getting out of bed in the morning. Unlike other women, you don’t need a damn thing except a good-morning kiss.
    I think this photo speaks to that very well.

  11. Meg, I’d gladly take that tattoo from you if I could! It’s the perfect tattoo for the placement, I think. The photo is beautiful – you look so strangely innocent.

  12. it is indeed. Kyle is Phil’s name, but I can never really think of her like that. it’ll always be Gorman to me.

  13. Wish I knew her story…The medusa by itself would be stunning. Is that a branding over her heart? Such sweet righteous pain!

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