Alright then…

And you thought the stone circle was the impressive thing to see at this Japanese (thanks Spring) observatory! Move closer after the break (that “tail” is a DIY project by the way), but as a point of trivia did you know that Japan has megalithic stone circle culture a la monuments like Stonehenge? This is a recreation of course, but ancient examples exist as well.



38 thoughts on “Alright then…

  1. And here I was hoping that it was someone who had actually gotten a tail surgically grafted onto themselves.

    Still cool though.

  2. what a strange idea
    “oh, today i’ll go to a japanese replica stonehenge
    and stick some leopard print hose up my giney, yes,
    thats what i’ll do!”
    hahaha…ohh boy

  3. @ #2: that’s one of those butt plugs that has a tail attached to it.
    for people with fetishes involving animals.

    personally i like the horse tail ones better. :]

  4. Are you sure that’s Japan Shannon? That no smoking sign looks nothing like the ones we have here.

  5. am i the only one who has noticed the plethora of metal hanging from her ladybits? and i dont think that plug is going into her puss 😉 shes a braver girl than me!

  6. i think you’ll find the tail is up her anus, cause you can buy tails form online sex stores which are worn via anal plugs

  7. Yes it is an anal plug. They make them in all kinds of sizes and custom tail attatchments can be ordered or from a few sites standard purchased! They often will be sold in tandem with head harness and b9ody harnesses to complete the look. Pony play types been the most common including adorable pony boots like fetish ballet shoes but with hoofs!!

    I think that would be a very exciting experience for the sub. I love to be able to take my submissives out to a remote private place for some play at times.

  8. Number 14′s comment just made my day.
    Imagine the caption on THAT.
    “I can haz laxitive now kthanx.”

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