Speaking of animal cruelty…



(photo: Freakboy)

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19 thoughts on “Speaking of animal cruelty…

  1. OMGZ kicking that dog is like animal cruelty just like owning a dog is because their hunting animals that we keep in cages and we cut tere balls off but they might not want tem cut off this county is juts so horribal


  2. now i don’t have any hard evidence or links for this, but i’ve had conversations with many of my friends and my brother’s ex-wife, all of whom are vets, or work in vet clinics, and from what they’ve told me is that it is beneficial for some dogs (bigger, stronger breeds) to have their tail cropped because otherwise, because of the strength in how they move they might break it on something. from there, healing is really difficult for them and can cause a lot of complications.

    from my personal experience too, i have a big dog who screwed his tail up at some point and it’s never really healed

    i dunno, food for thought, don’t start a fucking shit storm of this, i just wanted to put the idea out there. maybe someone can find some research saying one way or another on this

  3. he is obviously not about to kick the dog so its a joke whoever took it seriously.

    but chaining yr dogs up, not so much of a joke!

  4. Liberate – Those dogs don’t appear to be “chained” up… Looks like the one has nothing on, and the other one has a leash that’s been let go of… I assume you’re not anti-leash.

  5. Just wanted to chime in that tail docking is believed to be benificial for some long tailed dogs, that naturally, and regularly carry their tail above the level of the back (i.e. many Bull/Mastiff type breeds, Dobies, etc.), because, like was mentioned, healing a broken tail is incredibly difficult, and often the treatment may just be a later-in-life docking, which doesn’t heal as well either. Ear cropping has similar benifits in some breeds, though it’s mostly limited to Dobies and Great Danes, as excessively long ears, if injured, (hematomas, etc.) can be equally as difficult to heal.

    And all thanks to how humans have bred dogs to have all sorts of disadvantageous anatomical features.

  6. oh geez, what i thought was a chain turned out to just be some spots of water or something that look chainlike. i feel trollish now.

  7. look, if tail docking is done correctly it is fine, but why is no one paying attention to the fucking AMAZING suspension!!!!
    i love the setting of in someones back yard, it is really beautiful, and it looks like he is enjoying it ^.^
    where was this picture taken? What country?
    The puppies look happy btw ^^

  8. *sigh* I am a vet. I do tail dockings on a regular basis, but really, the only reason people dock tails is because it’s expected. That said, done properly, I don’t think it harms the dogs (or I wouldn’t be doing it!).

    There is no medical reason for docking tails. And the argument of “what if they break it later” is haphazard rationalization–how many Labradors, hounds, and Newfoundlands out there have long tails all their lives and never break them? That argument is the equivalent of saying you should amputate your toe so you can’t stub it.

  9. Gonna add to the tail cutting. My dad has a lab…I went to visit and she got so excited, she started waging her tail really hard (of course). I went to her and saw that there were blood marks on the wall from where her tail was hitting.
    Either, she is EXTREMELY strong or it actually can be needed.

  10. Hmmm Brazil! What a fucking amazing place.

    *I’d know…Im currently in Brazil!

    <3 the suspension and those dogs look very fucking adorable!

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