Lorum Lizard

This is extremely inappropriate jewelry!!!

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50 thoughts on “Lorum Lizard

  1. Would a live lizard be more screwed up than the mosquito bites? I gotta say, I reckon the lizard would be worse…

    But I don’t like lizards.

  2. My abuela told me that she and her girlfriends would use them as earrings when they were little girls. Though all they did was have the lizard bite their earlobe, and they would stay like that for hours. Modblog: where a picture of a lizard in someones bits brings back fond memories of your grandmother.

  3. I speak lizard….yes,uh huh…ok…right..ok…sure…ok.
    it was kinda hard to understand with all the struggling he’s doing trying to get free,but I did catch…


  4. Fourth Grade Rats so beacuse people bealive in animal rights that makes them wierdos? Id really like to know your reasoning behind that… do you bealive animals cant feel pain? Or that they dont have feelings?

    & yeah Lexci it is terrible

  5. That little gecko might be having a thrill. Especially thinking about biting the guy’s sack. He certainly doesn’t seem to be in pain. Perhaps a little confused. But he’s a gecko so I doubt if he’s pondering too deeply.
    As long as he was let go right afterwards, it’s no worse than people dressing their dogs and lugging them around in handbags wearing little sunglasses.

  6. I agree that there are worse things to do with animals but really do two wrongs make a right? I don’t dress up my dog and if I had male parts I wouldn’t stick animals in them either.

  7. Look at the position of its legs. I’m willing to bet it’s either rubber or already dead. The latter is pretty creepy, the former is almost sanitary.

  8. 19: ahahah

    i think that it’s disgusting and relatively perverse to put a living creature inside your stretched genital piercing tbh. an animal has no way of saying no- would people react the same way if it was a child in the same situation ?! (albeit a child’s finger or something as opposed to their entire body, that’d be freakishly impossible)

    not only is there the moral consequences of this picture- but srsly, surely any modified person with a basic concept of personal hygiene would understand that a living, excreting being is not something you want in a healing/healed fistula? not only to mention the possibility of wriggling, resulting in tears, and biting.

    there’s so much wrong about this image it’s unreal.

  9. That’s a little cruel to me…I don’t really understand how he even got that lizard to co-operate. My guys would take off like a shot. They get stressed out fairly easily.
    And…Why am I a weirdo for assuming an animal wouldn’t enjoy being shoved in a body piercing for the sake of a picture?

  10. I’m pretty sure it’s either plastic or dead. Its position doesn’t move between the two shots… and how the hell would you get a live, squirming lizard’s feet through the hole? There doesn’t seem to be much wiggle room.

    Having said that, the thought of a live lizard stuck in a piercing alternately aroused my “cruelty to animals” business, and made me laugh quite a bit. I guess I’m a hypocrite.

  11. IF it’s alive or dead and not rubber, I think it’s a little unsanitary and possibly cruel to shove an animal into a small hole like that. However, the fact that it’s a genital piercing doesn’t make it any worse. I sincerely doubt that a small lizard could be affected by a penis in the way lots of other things would be. Seriously. The lizard isn’t going to be offended and it’s certainly not going to be emotionally scarred.

    My only concern would be that the little guy may have been forced into a small space. But what’s with all the OH NOES IT’S A PENIS comments?

  12. #13: yep, I’m a weirdo-friend-of-animal.
    and I definitely find it less weird than putting lizards into any of my holes, natural or not they may be.
    but I’m not judging you, so please don’t judge me. it’s just a matter of point of view…

  13. Clearly this is a due to the way that humans are starting to take over the envioronment. Animals are becoming less and less scared of humans.

    If the lizard hadn’t been exploring on him he wouldn’t have found this hole to explore and he wouldn’t have become stuck.


  14. I feel bad for the lizard..
    How do you tell your freinds and family that you got stuck in some guys ballsack??

  15. That’s is pretty wrong and sick, but only if it’s alive. If it is alive then I hope he washed after because he could have a bad case of salmonella very soon, only what he deserves for putting a live lizard there!!

  16. I’m kind of on that “that seems unsanitary…” side here.
    To each there own though, I’m just not going to want to be with a guy after seeing him put a lizard there!

  17. I actually work with these little buggers, and based on appearances, that is a dead house gecko. I could, of course, be incorrect. I hope its rubber. And if it’s alive, as wrong as it is, I’m a bit impressed. Those things are FAST, and they do NOT stay still.

    I still, however, find it a bit disturbing.

  18. Well that could make for some cheesey pick up lines lol

    How did he get the forlegs through though I wonder?

  19. i had a gecko for 10 years and from my experience you would really have to force the little guy into that. plus their legs are pretty delicate so i’m sure he didn’t appreciate having them manuevered into that position… i has a realy soft spot for small reptiles so this really seems more fucked up than say, tattooing a dogs ear or something which people seem to get much more riled up about. i don’t know, just alot more sick and cruel than funny to me.

  20. its a lizard for christs sake. its not like it feels “used” or anything. it can’t think; all it can dol is feel pain. it doesnt look like its in pain, if it is alive, so whatever creams your twinkie.

  21. “Maybe it actually lives in his balls…. new habitat, body mods for biodiversity”


    “Maybe it actually lives in his balls…. new habitat, body mods for biodiversity”

    I nearly cried at that. So funny.

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