27 thoughts on “Kiss me, you bitch.

  1. Bitches love me… *grin*

    Seriously, there’s some serious work invested in that hair. It’s very cool. Cute dog, too!

  2. Wow, that is one gorgeous kickass girl. I want that hair. I am too lazy to commit to hair as beautiful as that but I want it anyway.

  3. The most beautiful hawk I think I’ve ever seen :]
    The sideburn bits, the length, colour, the mini side hawks… It’s just perfect ^__^

  4. What a beautiful girl!

    I’m not too keen on small yappy type dogs, though. “Buy Mr. Dog, for small yappy type dogs, and maybe they’ll shuuut the fuuuuck uuuup.”


  5. i have a border terrier too! awesome dogs, and not so yappy. theyre small, but still real dogs.
    kickASS hair!

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