55 thoughts on “Firing Blanks?

  1. To wit, quoth Giles:

    Attractive, nude women = abjectly uninteresting low-brow entertainment.

    Rickrolling = high-minded artistry worthy of pissing off an entire web site that’s needed no help getting pissed off in the past few days.

    Got it.

  2. Ginsberg – My honey-trap clearly worked for it will be only those desperate for masturbatory fodder that will follow the link.

  3. MisterGee: It was more just out of morbid curiosity to see what you had *actually* linked to, knowing full well your disdain for such base forms of pleasure. At any rate, ripping good laugh!

  4. MistahG … actually you are mistaken
    and an arrogant asshole.
    I clicked the link in order to understand what #4 meant and lost a long post I was writing for another board as well as 3 other open windows to this mess of a (active x?) script you linked to.
    Thanks for ruining my forum entry, champ.

  5. btw. I agree with most of the things you say, but your acting like a 14 year old internet troll right now.

  6. What makes this image really work for me (as an anti-gun art-wanker) is the stretched ear giving the expected shape of the barrel, which you can’t see because of the lighting/blur.

  7. That kid thinks he’s such a badass.

    Good to know that even with Shannon gone, the gun-nut violence-porn will continue unabated.

  8. This picture is fucking hot yo. I’m not really into guns per say, but hot guys with guns, for some reason is highly attractive to me.

  9. I have ALWAYS hated pictures like this where you look down the gun as they aim it…
    it’s nothing but showing off bad gun handling…

  10. just gotta ask yourself one question. are you feeling lucky? well are ya punk. why am I the first to say it. could be a good photo without the gun blocking his face and unclothed body

  11. I’m with Roo on this one. The gun isn’t the focus of the picture, the mod is.

    And anyway, damn is this picture hot.

  12. Am I the only one who’s noticed the extra set of hands here? I love the septum on him, guns I’m not so hott about. Nice picture either way, though.

  13. actually any caliber can be on a “large frame”,cant tell without a better picture to see the caliber involved.
    and actually it’s guns DEPRIVE others of tyranny.

  14. I’ll have to apologise as well, giles. I sounded like a jerk in my anger. Rick rollin’ people is fine (or stupid, but harmless), but crazy browser scripts = the evil

  15. Personally, I think “MistahG” should be banned. Linking to malicious scripts is something that could quickly get out of hand.

    After reading a few other peoples replies I checked the site out (more to look at the method of taking over the browser than in the hope of tits and ass).

    Install noscript and firefox to help protect your machine. Just some advice from a Linux System Administrator.

    You can find noscript here. http://noscript.net/

    On topic with the picture, I find any well made tool to be sexy be it a stripped and rowdy ’72 shovelhead; a pistol, or the carved/curving flesh of a man or woman. After all what is the body if not a tool of our will.

    Too bad so many pseudo intellectuals who run around pissing and moaning with poorly informed opinions about the meaning behind guns, or nudity are nesting in these forums.

    Specifically “MistahG” I would pity you if I didn’t loathe your kind so much.

  16. That kind of angle is a very, very big no-no. Generally when I see people doing something like that it’s my hint to get out of the place before someone ends up in jail. I can’t tell if it’s loaded or not (I’d hope so, and I can’t see any, but with the color/lighting filters/photoshoping used I can’t tell) but it’s still dumb to wave around what looks like a Colt Anaconda (or a Python. that rail on the top is pretty distinctive. I’d also be willing to put a bet on a Taurus Raging Bull simply because this seems like the “type”) at someone’s face. And this is coming from someone that *owns* more than a single gun.

  17. The photo is alright. I’m not into guns, but it’s nice to look at.

    I have to say though, anyone who still falls for rickrolls, ESPECIALLY considering tiny.cc gives a website preview before you click, pretty much deserves it.

  18. haha I definitely liked the link :P
    ANNOYING AS ALL HELL, but it was funny…


  19. theXanadian, it’s not Active X, if it was too many people would be immune for the scriptwriter to feel good about himself.

    Human.v2.0, my money’s on an Anaconda or Python. Much lower front sight assemblies than on the Raging Bulls. But I agree with you and nature223 about this type of looking-down-the-bore picture.

  20. >>Specifically “MistahG” I would pity you if I didn’t loathe your kind so much.

    That’s ok. The ruling, intellectual superiors often find ourselves the subject of derision from the peasants.

    Give my regards to the rest of the pondlife.

  21. “kiss me, you bitch.”?

    Wow- I know- I am officially one of “those” people.. but while somethings just get under my skin and ‘bother’ me…
    others will prevent me from having sex wiht my husband for a week and probably keep me up tonight and cause nightmares the times I can sleep- and stop me from logging back onto a site I really love for a while.

    not because i am hyper sensitive- but because of the extreme nature of being violently raped. Not because the image or words- but because the reality.

    We had this huge debate here about how pictures of cutting could “trigger” cutters and I defended the right to show images for the source of empowerment and reclaiming one’s body in celebration. You can’t avoid everyone’s quirks and triggers.. but come on– a gun being pointed at the viewer under the words “kiss me you bitch”- it is a misnomer.

    I wish I knew how to better express my feelings about this- but please do know on a sincere level- more than just a faceless name in the void– this is a trigger, for some who already spend large parts of their day fighting just to function without living constantly engulfed in fear.

    it isn’t the image- it is what this post portrays.

  22. AND of course.. I just realized that the words are about the post before this one!!!

    still I hope to kind of call attention to how important it is to be aware of the words we use- and in what context- because it produced the same terrifying response in me to see the image wiht those words above. and it will still impact me the exact way I described.

    but I see that is my error and the words were for the previous post-

    my apologies.

    Still in all images like this leave the same mark I mentioned before-but without the words- it is just a matter of opinion to me.. an image i don’t care for while others might..

  23. “Kiss me, you bitch” is the link to the previous modblog entry where the girl is kissing her dog – the female version referred to as “bitch” – it has nothing to do with THIS picture.

    You’re over-reacting. There’s a picture of a hot guy with a handgun – which is a fucking hot, awesome picture. People like guns. People don’t like guns. People like lopping their penises off, people don’t like lopped off penises.
    It’s MODBLOG! Love it or leave it, you guaranteed with NOT love 100% of the content.

  24. That so many people think the guy’s pointing a gun at the photographer shows what a well-taken image this is. Look at the angle on the gun. Bear in mind the photographer is very likely not standing right up close. The gun is pointing *past* the photographer – if it was pointing at them, the gun would be straight on.

  25. no worries Lexci Million- that is basically exactly what i did with my first post.

  26. i wanted to add though- I am all for supporting the ‘choice’- even if I don’t personally agree with it for my body- one has the right to govern what they do to their own body- why I love this site.

    I was way wrong about the sentiment as it was for another post- but even still if you chop off your penis it affects you more than anyone else.. whereas a gun being pointed at another affects others- even if it is an emotional reaction to those who have been victim’s of violent crimes.

    Still I know we wont all love the same content- but I love that we can share our views when we don’t.. and share why.

  27. 39:”That so many people think the guy’s pointing a gun at the photographer shows what a well-taken image this is.”

    Um… not so much, personally. While I commend the blur of perspective in this shot, the only way this gun wasn’t essentially right off the camera lens was if this image was cropped from off-center on the original shot (which is possible, but I don’t personally know how you’d be able to get the blur to work just right that way) or if this was done with an exceptional optical zoon with the focus on a very tight spot.

    There really arn’t many ways to take a picture down a gun without actualy taking a picture down a gun. Then again, I’ve used guns on film sets before and was careful enough to make sure to check the clip and the chamber anytime I even had it in my pocket for too long; shooting the actress (or one of the 12+ people surriounding the set) accidentally wasn’t a possibility I felt like having.

    I personally don’t care for these shots, but then again I don’t *care* if people do them. I just dislike it when the shot involves an inherently dangerous practice.

  28. im sorry but i find this a pointless photo for the style of website its on. its a good photo non the less

  29. Wow, isn’t MistahG clever? It’s almost amusing to watch this emotionally retarded jerk-off try to convince himself that he’s “intellectually superior”, but it’s really just to pathetic to be funny. I shouldn’t be giving him the attention that he obviously craves, but fuck, is there anyone running the site who still gives a shit? Apparently not if that impotent prick’s obnoxious post with the malicious link isn’t being removed. Welcome to the new BME, what a refreshing new direction.

  30. Hahahahhahaha. Thank you Giles, from the bottom of my heart. Really, your last comment just made my day, week even. Considering you’ve failed at making insightful, intellectual comments on this site (and I assume that elsewhere, as well) until now, and most likely will fail in the future, you can’t SERIOUSLY refer to yourself as a ruling, intellectuacl superior. A troll, sure, maybe one that knows how to use the English language properly, but nothing more. Get back to us when you do make a comment that actually has any meaning here, and we’ll reassess, ok? lulz.

  31. Just ignore Giles, already. He’s throwing a fit over the last change.

    Not many of us are happy. But we don’t make children of ourselves over it, and should try to avoid doing so over one idiot with a superiority complex.

  32. #42: The picture isn’t taken down the barrel – look at the angle. As for the way the blur is working with the gun being not right next to the camera – it’s called depth of field, and using the right lens. Something doesn’t have to be right up at the camera to be blurry. Trust me, I’m a photographer ;)

  33. umm, that gun is so obviously not being pointed at the photographer. Look at that angle!

    As for MistahG, the script blocker I have totally destroyed that page. I think it’s foolish for anyone to be surfing the internet without a script blocker.

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