Cross Hair Between Boss Hair

I love this tattoo (and the hair) on Anarkos. By the way, you’re supposed to kiss that spot gently then give him a bubble bath, not shoot him. He’s a gentle punk*.

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Tattoo by Renee at Golden Rule, Silverdale, WA.

* – Don’t quote me on that.

46 thoughts on “Cross Hair Between Boss Hair

  1. YES.
    Someone in the world has an ENTROPY tattoo, my friend will be so jovial, it’s his favorite and most used word.

  2. That is so kickass… Roo you have restored my faith. I was SO afraid that after Shannon left ModBlog would not interest me anymore. But then I see things like this and realize that it’s still good! And it’s all thanks to you :D

  3. CHASE!!! Awesome! I’m sure that’s exactly what the target is for :) Seriously though! He is a sweet heart!

  4. What I like the most is the MODBLOG logo placement on the second photo!

  5. Two chaos stars?, either he really likes michael moorcock or we’ve got another case of mistaken nerd-dentity :) (or not)

  6. <3 <3 <3. Guys like that are great because they’re so covered in spikes and tattoos but they still hold doors open for old ladies and make sure you don’t drive home drunk.

  7. I took that picture too! that’s my kitteh! and chase!

    sweet, twice in two days :)

  8. wow! he is just so to wayne static (static-x frontman)
    his mods are great (hair, tattoos, pierces) and yea, he is looking very very good (tasty bear)

  9. Adore his hairy tummy ‘n’ chest.
    And his pierced belly button makes me breathe heavily.

  10. He would attract me and intimidate me if i saw him walk past me.
    I’ve known so many punks to look so rad but be so shitty. You don’t need to be shitty, punk attitude does not = shitty.
    Brash and arrogant maybe =]

  11. I guess he wears a lot of button up shirts. (as opposed to pullovers). ;)

  12. wow, sexy beast. not a fan of the hair on his head, but all the other hair is just delicious :)

  13. nice tatt
    i was thinking about getting one right there too.. only because i thought it would be origanal and cool.. but youve already got it so ill have to find a different one now haha

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