24 thoughts on “She Was Thrilled Serving Project Microdermal, Sir!

  1. Im guessing she slept on her stomache that night….the only problem that i can true spot is the fact that the points at the top of the heart arnt really prominent enough, i would of personly put in a extra microdermal at the top there to create a clearer shape…still though thats my personal view. And it still is quite a good job

  2. the heart shape I think looks fine…I’m not a fan of those glued on flat gem ends though…the extra bits of marking over it kinda make me chuckle though lol

    I’d like to see it last, but sadly it most likely will be full of problems/issues.

  3. Awwww, it’s cute, and I don’t even like hearts. Even if it doesn’t end so well, she’ll still have a set of scars in a heart shape. Now THAT’S a fond memory.

  4. well at least the jewellery came from IS and not Thailand for a change. The gems still look like shit though, try anatometal. Lets see pics of this thing if it heals

  5. well at least the jewellery came from IS and not Thailand for a change. The gems still look like shit though, try anatometal. Lets see pics of this thing if it heals


    Keyword being IF, of course.

  6. damn, the guy says theyre is and people are having a fit… what ever happened to believing a respected practioner when he said something. did you bother to take in to account its rather fresh? that stones tend to collect fluid(soap, blood) till cleaned?

  7. Lane: take one of those gems and try and get it to pop out.

    I’ve seen IS gems fall out of nostril screws,etc and they are foiled back,etc.

    Are they the Cabochon settings? its hard to see what exact type of gem attachments they are.

    t.thomas: I somewhat agree but I also believe that respect is a multi-lane expressway…In order to get respect you need to give respect…and then you also have the fact that some people will respect someone and sometimes they won’t…

    also its clear that its fresh hence the marking,etc…although anytime I do a piercing I simply do a single small dot, not various line work but hey eveyones different. Hence why I got a chuckle at them, especially the ones that look like pentagrams on the top left *nods*

    Also its clearly fresh as you can see redness and swelling,etc…However I disagree with the whole stones tend to collect fluit (soap, blood,etc till cleaned…Because how is soap or blood getting into freshly inserted microdermals gemmed attachments? Unless Lane did this procedure and then the client returned back the very next day after having blood and soap potentially introduced to the location?

  8. Actually the first rule of Project Microdermal is you do not ask questions, Sir.


  9. Yes, everyone is different. For something that needs exact placement like this where if it is off it will ruin the shape, I’d rather have a crosshair than a small dot. That can be wiped off a lot more easily.

  10. yowza folks sure are nit picky in here about the weirdest things, cross hairs stars or smiley faces who cares how its dotted lined or marked if the job got done as best as possible? i think that heart looks awesome, lower backs suck! that skin stretches forever! good work!
    as far as the jewelry is concerned, photos of body jewelry are very hard to take, these might look WAY better in person, and if anyone dosn’t believe me go to work tomorrow and take a picture of some jeweled pieces in your case… youd be surprised.

  11. Hey it’s Sydney! I wish she would have gone elsehwere but it’s loking sharp

  12. i honestly think this is the stupidest thing ever.
    i don’t mind like one or two lower back mirco dermals,
    but more than that is retarded.

    and the fact that they were done all at the same time is stupid.

  13. okay well this is MY back were all talking about. so…
    Its healing perfectly, it looks great, i can roll around twist my body and smack into things and its not bothered nor do i feel it, becuase the placement was well thought out.
    Its adorable i think you should all love it, it was definetly worth the pain, and there was SO MUCH PAIN.
    Lane is brilliant he made the process go by smoothly.

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