32 thoughts on “Smiley, Happy, Geeky.

  1. She got them thizz goggles. :)

    Is that a surface bar? That seems like it would destroy her gums.

  2. I’m sure she most likely just put the surface bar in for the purpose of a neat picture… really now…

  3. It’s quite hilarious to pop onto a site you’ve been reading for months and see one of your friends on it =]

  4. Call me old fashioned, but I do think it matters that the glasses don’t have lenses.

  5. WHOA thats me
    Yeah the glasses dont have lenses :(
    My teeth really arent that white
    and the ring i have in it is actually a 14g horseshoe ring that i pulled opened, so that it wouldnt crack my teeth
    It actually didnt irritate my gums, i just wanted something different in my smiley
    I didnt know it looked that crazy big in there

  6. i love the way the smiley looks- but i’m not too keen on the editing that was done to the picture. looks really messy and odd.

  7. Ooo I like those glasses (lenses or not – I wouldn’t wish my blindness on anyone else, even for the sake of fashion :p) Never been keen on that particular piercing but for the sake of this photo it looks cute!

  8. Insincere, you can see he’s started of with a ring flash, check her eyes.

  9. It’s great to know BMEzine will take someone’s copyrighted photograph (which was emphasized with a digital signature) and alter it, whilst removing markings identifying the photographer and add their own watermark.

    BTW for the photogs this was a simple light test playing with some new gels I snagged. This was lit with a B800 back low hitting the wall with a blue gel, and just a ringlight up front.

    http://www.michaelspearhawkins.com if you want to see more work.

  10. michael spear hawkins – I sent a message to her asking if she could provide me with the details on the photographer, but I didn’t hear back from her. Apologies for that.

    I’ll edit the entry and include your information..

  11. He most likely over sharpened then high passed the photo and, painted in his highlights. Plus he used a ring light, hence the circular catch lights. It’s nothing particularly new.

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