20 thoughts on “My left hand, done by me!

  1. Your a monster inside?
    Now is this like a cookie monster,
    Or more like Charlize Theron’s role in monster… lol

  2. At first I thought it was going to be another tattoo on Roo, and then I realized that it couldn’t be…

  3. @11 LOL

    and i loveee this
    and the color of the wall behind it
    monster = green
    aka good background
    idk im weird..

  4. @11 i’m ever so sorry…
    Might i add that Llama monsters are pink? or does that make it worse? if it makes it worse they’re green…

  5. I definitely read that as I AM A MOLSTER at first and was like ‘oh no, he spelled molester wrong…’


  6. LOL I’m glad everyone likes this so much. I got the idea after I freaked out on my poor husband on the ferry from Victoria to Tawassen in BC.

    14)-> I’m assuming it because I have done a fair amount of hand tattoos over the years, and short of blowing them out, no matter how perfect they are done, they ALWAYS get touched up!

    16)-> they fall out because of wear and tear. you go through a lot more skin on the palms of your hands and fingers then most of your body. it just plain wears out!

  7. i thought it said “i am a molester inside” firstly, then thought “well thats kind of gross, considering its on your fingers…” but then realised it was ‘monster’ not ‘molester’…. much better. :)

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