30 thoughts on “Brown Eyed Girl

  1. wow – eine grossartige Ausstrahlug! (great charisam)…….. wunderschöne, volle Lippen… aber ich find ja die Cheek Piercings besonders schön an ihr, passt irgendwie sehr gut zu ihrem Typ! (and I really like her cheek piercings- suits her typ quite well)…

  2. she’s absolutely GORGEOUS!!
    I’m completely in awe of her eyes… and the way her piercings frame her face.

    WOOWWW :)

  3. absolutely gorgeous and very striking eyes.

    i love her cheeks too and her dermal punch or whatevvssss

    so cute <3

  4. Kaaahuu! :D and I took this photo.! my wonderful model. :D
    She ISN’T wearing contacts! It’s her natural color. I swear. :)

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