20 thoughts on “Representin’

  1. Just a quick note to say I hope I got the credits right – It was a little unclear, it’s either David in the photo or David that did the piercings.

    Feel free to correct me!

  2. Roo: I think you’re perhaps right on both accounts…at least from what it looks like here, since it looks like he’s wearing gloves 😉

  3. … hip…. bones…..
    not….so…big…. build….

    I think I’ve found a god.


    HAHA I love this picture… his face is so peaceful [and nice!!]

    I really like his rib tattoo – I wonder what it’s of!

  4. Is it odd I saw the tattoos first and not the body? Have I really been that single THAT long? Haha, I like it (both the picture and the guy within the picture) 😉

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