48 thoughts on “Smiley Happy Hilde.

  1. I think this is really cute, however, I can’t help thinking that if she were ever to remove those cheek piercings she’ be left with a dent. Then again, I guess that doesnt happen to everyone, but it completeley changed my smile and over all face once it was gone, this is the only mod I ever regreted having. 🙁

    On the bright side, I hope she never decides to take them out cause they really suite her!:)

  2. MoonChild – I love the dimples that my cheek piercings left behind, I actually know somebody that had their cheeks pierced and then removed them a year or so later simply for the love of dimples!

  3. absolutely beautiful. definitely girlfriend material. i really like the dimples. are those scars from a piercing before?

  4. ModBlog messes with my emotions.
    I check it everyday..and fall in love with a new girl. Everyday.


  5. this only makes me miss my cheek piercings more. i can’t wait to be able to get them done again!
    moonchild- were you not aware of the scarring before you got them done? the scarring is the main reason i got them done, i wanted dimples.

  6. this is lovely.
    i have considered cheek piercings purely for the dimples. i dont actually want the piercings, just the dimples please!
    how long would it take to form the perfect dimple?? 🙂

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