One of These Things is Just Like the Other

“Hey, Fred. Fred. Hey Fred. Fred. I’m over here. Freddddd. FRED! Look at me, Fred. Fredfredfredfred.”

“I am actually going to murder you.”

(Self-portraits by IAM: furrr.)

See more in Ear Stretching (past 1/2″) (Ear Piercing)

40 thoughts on “One of These Things is Just Like the Other

  1. rich – i think its just the lighting. the reflections of light are different.

  2. great looking cheeks i reckon. very neat looking all round. just needs a colourful bit of ink sneaking its way up one side of his neck and it’d be complete! :-)

  3. when i first looked at this, i thought one was a mole or something and the other was a cheek piercing.
    nice though! what a cutie :)

  4. Hey nyne, I wouldn’t expect a boy to look like a man, and as much as i LOVE a mans man, Androgyny and femininity has its place.

  5. adorable androgynous boys. i feel bad saying he’s hot because he’s like, seventeen, but…. damn, kid, you’ve got it going on.

  6. I totally clicked on the comment section of this because I knew nyne was going to mention something about the fact that he totally looks like a girl.

  7. He kinda looks like a younger Roo!

    I also don’t get what the pedo comments are about. If he’s 17, what does that matter? It’s not a suggestive photo. It’s a photo of a modified young man.

  8. wow, some people are really ageist. these are beautiful pictures. more power to him for being young and modded.

  9. flattered for the comments :D
    and yeh they’re even, it’s the lighting
    although i’ve took out my cheeks now
    and bme what happened to my account, added pics and got suspended, not cool D:

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