Full Coverage: Links From All Over (Nov. 3, 2008)

[TheNewsRoom] There’s a lot going on here, so let’s go piece by piece. This girl collects celebrity autographs, on her body, and then gets them tattooed for posterity (and bragging rights, and profit?). She just got Fergie’s, bumping up her running total to 87 or 88 (!). Among the others: Sheryl Crow, Meg Ryan, Angelina Jolie and Miley Cyrus. The big catch, though, as far as she’s concerned, is Tim McGraw on her left breast. The problem, for some reason, is that her dad, who supports her financially, will cut her off and send her back to her birth mother in Pittsburgh if he finds out that she’s been getting tattooed. Except that people have apparently filmed her and sent videos to her dad. I swear to God this is a real story.

[The News Star] We have a new champion! John “Joker” McManus of Joker Tattoo Shop in West Monroe, LA, just broke the world record for most tattoos performed in a 24-hour period, tattooing 775 two-inch-by-two-inch stars from noon Friday to noon Saturday last weekend.

By the end, McManus was exhausted to the point that his wife (and other onlookers) were worried for his health, but it all worked out in the end: In addition to bragging rights, it was a charity event, with all proceeds going to Toys for Tots, The Ouachita Humane Society and The Louisiana Cerebral Palsy Foundation. Good show, Joker.

[Wallet Pop] So, we’ve covered shops giving away free Obama tattoos, and others offering free piercings for anyone who votes, and now the good folks at New Look Laser Tattoo Removal are getting in on the sweet election action too:

New Look is offering the citizens of North Texas a chance to vote for change this election … if you prove that you voted this year by bringing in your “I Voted” sticker, voter registration card, or give us your word you fully punched your chad, we’ll give you a free tattoo removal treatment.

You can get change in the White House and change in your skin. And whether your candidate wins or loses at the battle box, your failed policy of bad tattoo ink will definitely be left in the dustpan of history.

The gauntlet has been thrown down. Your move, FadeFast.

21 thoughts on “Full Coverage: Links From All Over (Nov. 3, 2008)

  1. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA oh my god. and i thought i was a terrible person when my parents were paying my tuition and i got my nose pierced after they said “no more mods.” jesus christ.

  2. How in the world does he not know? I felt badish when I got my tattoo, granted my mom still doesn’t know and its been 4 years (Granted its on my back) 😛

  3. That lip ring…oh god…

    I personally think it’s a bunch of shit that her dad doesn’t know. “Honey, why are you wearing long sleeves in CALIFORNIA?” or “So, you’ve had that marker writing on you for quite awhile….by my reckoning I’d say…a few years at least…not washing enough, eh honey?”

  4. holy shit that is my daughter i am so pissed she is coming back to pittsburgh for sure

  5. I’ve always thought Jessica Alba’s autograph on my private parts would look really cool. I’ve emailled her on countless occasions re this but the prissy cow never replies.

  6. along the lines of the girl how’s dad don’t know about her tattoos.
    I know a girl that is 19 lives with both parents and has a full a sleeve tattoo.
    And both of her parents are completly clueless to her even having one tattoo let alone a full sleeve.

  7. Whats up with her lip ring? It doesnt suit her face, maybe if it were a labret or a smaller ring it would look better.
    Anywho, props to her for being able to hide it for so long. I know how it is having to hide mods from disgruntled parents. Even after I got my lip pierced, I kept telling them it was fake and it worked for about 2 months until one morning it started to leak when I was having cereal. That was a bit hard to explain. XD

  8. @9, considering people have sent her father videos and such, I have to wonder how he hasn’t asked to see her arms and why the autographs don’t wash off…

  9. When I got my first leg sleeve I tried to keep it from my mother when I went to visit. She noticed a little bit peeking out onto my foot and lifted my pants to see. She kept lifting higher and higher as her eyes got wider and wider. I, of course, found it hilarious. Luckily, she now does too.

  10. @wandering star. thats how my grandparents were about my sleeve. but now my grandma rocks one of those fake synthetic sleeves sometimes. its quite awesome. i love her.

  11. The record story is totally awesome! How freaking sweet that he did it for charity and not just bragging rights. This Joker fellow sounds like one cool dude. Mad props to him.

  12. I definitely could not stop staring at that heinous effing lip ring too, ugh I hate it when people don’t have properly fitting jewelry. Also, I have a couple autograph tattoos and this girl kinda makes anyone with them look like tards. I got mine because they’re from people who’s music had a major impact on my life, not just random celebrities. I never got the hiding mods from your parents thing, if you think you’re adult enough to get a tattoo or piercing, then either grow some balls and quit suckling the parental teat or have the respect to obey their wishes if they’re floating your ass financially.

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