My Faith is One That Admits Some Doubt

The good folks at Murda Ink Tattoos in Jamaica, New York, just sent in a nice series of a client getting tattooed with a portrait of a certain President-elect — bet you’ll never guess who!

Check out the finished piece, after the jump.

I think the simple black-work works well here, and it’s definitely an improvement over this piece, which, while technically proficient, looks quite a bit more like David Allen Grier than the President-to-be. My prediction: There will be many more of these tattoos coming in very soon. Yes, I am provocative!

66 thoughts on “My Faith is One That Admits Some Doubt

  1. Oh yes Jamaica representtt !!! What a random place lol especially for modblog. cool to see that where i live is on here.

    Now if you’d specifically do WOODHAVEN, we’d be in business. lol but anywho yeah obama tattoos will soon be cliche.

    i dont like the eyes either.

  2. Eh, I think this is might be a bad idea.
    What if he turns out to be a horrible president?
    But he’s the first black president so it makes sense.

    I personally don’t really care for portrait tattoos.
    They always look a little off to me.
    This one’s nice though; it looks good.

    I’d like to see someone with a stencil type obama tattoo.
    That’d be awesome.

  3. terrifying eyes. lets hope he is not a terribly president, how much would that suck for you guys in the US and the entirety of the world!

  4. Ok i understand the fact the a black person became president of the united states for the first time in history , and how it affects the afro-americans. But why the hell could someone get a tattoo with Obama when he doesn’t even know what he is going to do now that he is elected. I rly think that this is a ridiculous action .. he be a more dramatic world-killer than bush noone knows.

  5. OBAMA!



  6. That was certainly a forward thinking, positive comment.

    Looks sharp, I don’t think it’s a bad idea necessarily. Good or bad in office, he’s already made a change- the social consciousness of this country’s different already. People feel a bit less like they have no say in their country, and that’s good.

  7. yep…Jace Masula is doing one at our shop right now…I’m sure we’ll do a few of them…the first good finished one I’ve seen was by Taylor Cort, on a white guy. Why would anyone say that only prloud black Americans would get a portrait if Obama?…

  8. how about ppl just enjoi their own lifes and forget about

    strangers who youv never met such as the president etc

    they dont do anything apart from say when war starts and ends

  9. Oh god Roo.
    I’d LOVE to have my bush covered with Obama.
    I mean an Obama tattoo…..

  10. is it just me or if youre really wanting an obama tattoo it just might be a good idea to wait until the end of his term to see what good he actually does for our country?

  11. He may be a stranger, but he is also one of the most powerful men in the world now (well, in January). The president has the final say on any bills that congress wants passed, so he pretty much affects everything in your life. And he’s made history. I’d rather see an Obama tattoo then one of, say, Britney Spears.

    That said, I also am not a fan of portraits.

  12. i personally liked mccain better, but i can see any black american wearing this tattoo with pride, regardless of whether obama is a good president or not. it’s a huge step for black americans :)

  13. Wow. Way to live inside the stereotype. The dude’s wearing a ‘bling’ crucifix. I wonder if he drinks 40s and smokes blunts while listening to Three Six Mafia? hahaha

  14. candice unless you own like 8 houses and a bunch of stock i can’t see why anyone would like mccain better. he was senile and flipflopped on every issue numerous times and picked one of the dumbest females in the country as his running mate on the assumption that any female would grab the hillary voters. i can’t see anyone with half a brain voting for that douche. god i hope you own a lot of real estate and stock ;)

  15. Oh dear oh dear. Just because he’s promised America loads of good shit during his campaign, doesn’t mean he’s going to live up to those words now he’s in power. Politicians are manipulative bastards. I could go on and on and on but I think I’ll stop there, I’ve spent too much energy already from warning people during the past few days.

  16. Pretty good portrait, I think. The simpler tattoo is for the win, it seems usually when portrait tattoos go horribly, horribly wrong it’s due to overshading and too many shadows making them look, well, dirty, as in “I’ve been cleaning out the attic and got all smudgy” dirty.

  17. It saddens me when people who are for Obama act like morons.. and god dammit Jamaica queens? How Ghetto and obvious..

    We’ll see your change… or better yet… We’ll see as we don’t see a damned change. You can’t change what this country was built on nor can you expect the president to do anything other than be a speaker of what our government has to say, he will not be able to run things any differently than they have been run for decades.

    I don’t mind all the “free money” though I guess.

    On top of it all who cares if he’s brown? Black.. WHATEVER you wanna call people who are simply darker skinned humans.. My grandpa is darker than Obama and Dominican.

    You know Jon P.. I don’t think that 1 guy represents all of the race but.. I think you notice how a lot of people think that. I don’t see Obama raising the roof on his win.

    I am Puerto Rican and you cannot make me listen to Daddy Yankee and if I were to get “fame” and young stereotypical hispanic’s from NYC got my face on their arms, I’d be so disgusted. Especially if they were from the Bronx. Ew.

  18. 1) We’ve all seen tattoos of worse things here so naysayers, give me a break.

    2) Presidential power is checked by the House of Representatives and the Senate… change is created from the ground up… so if you want change… get off your ass and make it happen.. your vote is the least you can do to change things. The ignorant complacency of so many Americans is astounding.. shit don’t happen because we sit around expecting people to do shit for us instead of pushing for what we want… but those who like to fuck people over EXPECT that.

    3) All Americans should be proud.. not just blacks.. we’ve made a major step in overcoming one of the greatest ills of our society. Our stock just went up across the globe because people see that democracy and equality CAN happen. We’ve lived up to another part of our ideals… and it’s a good CHANGE.

  19. 1) Agree.
    2) Eh the popular does nothing.. remember Bush? Voting is pointless. Obama won the electoral vote, not REALLY because America wanted it so.. Need I say remember Bush again?
    3) Good point, this may make America which is full of stupidity in all aspects of life look better but.. Not much better.

    Not that every country didn’t have it’s bad times, from hunter gatherer to introspective disappointments anything helps at this point..

  20. I was also looking forward to Tommy ‘Tiny’ Lister being the president but FINE… I guess I’ll wait.

    <img src=”” border=”0″

  21. I think thats stupid.
    Getting a tatoo of the first black president?
    Who cares?
    Its not a big deal.
    He was the first black man to try, and he happened to be slightly better then the other guy.
    Also… He just as much white as he is black.

    Im sick of it.

  22. Actually he was not the first, let’s at least not forget Jesse Jackson.

    It’s easy to pile on the cynicism and doubt when you don’t have to undertake the burden of presidency.
    Not to mention the lofty aspirations that follow him.
    Let the man acutally begin his term before you bitch.

    If this person wants to preserve history by permanently etching it into his skin let him. I don’t see why it has to chap anyone’s ass.

  23. i’m surprised this conversation is more about politics and not about how crappy that tattoo was done…..the outline around his lips is my favorite part….haha

  24. there have actually been quite a few black people to run for president, including Jackson and Chisholm, but to say that Barack Obama being the new president elect isn’t a bit deal because he is black or saying that he’s as much white as black so his being black doesn’t matter shows a real lack of historical understanding. Yeah, Barack is of mixed racial heritage, but you see him and you see that he is black, you might not necessarily see the mixed part. And certainly his white heritage has been a big part of how he understands the world, his opportunities, and how he has been treated by people of all races, but he is still black, and that makes is a huge deal that he is president.

    The number of decades that black people in this country have been LEGALLY equal to whites is absolutely dwarfed by the number of decades that have been legally free, allowed to read and go to school, allowed to vote, allowed to work decent jobs with union protection, and allowed to marry, love and live side side by side with white americans. Barack Obama made history on election night, the american people made history on election night. It speaks to a huge change in the politics and understanding of all americans, even black ones, for them to vote for a black president in such high numbers.

    And sure, Barack Obama will not live up to every promise, he cannot, he’s president not jesus, he can’t work miracles or change that way the SYSTEM works. He only has so much power to change anything. But he did achieve something great that hopefully will, at least for a moment, inspire americans to help his change this country (because it will take all of us)… he made people care about politics again, he made them believe in him as a leader and we need to be able to believe in our leaders…. so maybe if we all get off our asses and DO something we at least won’t have ourselves to black for our new presidents failures.

    My obama tattoo is going to be a quote : “while we breathe, we hope” from his first speech as president.

  25. it looks nice).. i think there’s no metter how good or bad Obama will rule USA, but the fact of a black man becoming a president is incredible) maybe for this guy it’ll always be the sign of freedom, it’s really good)
    *besides, i beg you pardon for my english)*

  26. Nature and Candice
    I’ll still be proud. This is major. White skin privilege gives you the luxury of belittling this. That’s fine. But now I can say to my biracial nephew that he can be anything he wants even president and have something more than an empty platitude to show.

    Praxis, loved your post.

    Sara, ignorance is stupid.

  27. Well, he may be proud of Obama (who is half white, by the by), but I hope he’s not proud of that tattoo. The ears look like a pit bull got ahold of ‘em. I think Obama’s a good lookin’ guy, but sheesh!

  28. and also, Adwoa… the only thing that keeps racism alive is people like you who talk about the “white skin privilege” and such. You have affirmative action and a black president. Now get over it.

  29. Melanie-why can you only see why a BLACK american would get an Obama tattoo?

    He’s everybody’s president

    I’m a white american and if I were into portrait tattoos, I would have gotten one of him as well.

  30. yeah Adwoa….I’m a poor white guy that voted for Obama… as far as I’m concerned right now, black people are more privileged than me and most of my white friends….and it wouldn’t be that way if it weren’t for the millions of white people that voted for Obama alongside of all the black people that did the same….

  31. Max, how are black people more privileged than you are now?

    Candice, while you are surely entitled to your opinion, you make no sense. Not speaking of the realities of our society will not make racism go away.

  32. i mean nobody really cares about skin color anymore. at least not from my experiences.

    it’s just always brought up by the minority bitching about prejudice…

    it’s been decades since you’ve been equal, so get over it

    actually, sometimes i feel like government programs even overcompensate for black oppression in the past (i.e. affirmative action)

  33. Well, you can only know what you know, Candice but you might want to go by something more than you apparently very limited experience and learn about the experiences of others.

    If no one cared about race anymore, people would not be ass hurt that we have a black president. Frankly, I have heard more bitching about prejudice from certain white folks who are scared that they are quickly becoming the minority in this country.

    And did you know that more white women have benefited from Affirmative Action than blacks?

  34. well even though i don’t believe you… it makes sense, because there are more white women in this country than there are blacks

    i’m mad that obama is black.. only reason being is that if he was white, he wouldn’t have won.

    his skin is black. but i mean… he drinks tea, wears form-fitting pants, and is a wealthy politician. it’s not like lil wayne is running the country.

  35. Fuck politics on this one. It’s not something we should be arguing about, my issue it the work done. It is a great likeness of Obama, but looking at the lines they look very shakey. The curves on the ears are exaggerated. It’s overall pretty good.

  36. I’ve already seen Obama tattooed on a few white people….today at the shop Vince tattooed the O logo on a white campaign worker….she was pretty excited….but she was also from New York and kinda hyper…haha

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